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Manufacturer: Ricoh Consumer Products
Product Model: RDC-300
Official Website: http://www.ricohcpg.com/rdc300_spec.html
Resolutions: 640x480
Zoom Capability: No
Auto Focus? Yes
Macro Capability? Yes
Flash? Yes
Storage Method: 4MB onboard RAM
Storage Capacity: 25-100
LCD Screen: Yes/1.8"
ISO Equivalent:
Video Out?: Yes
Software Included: PhotoStudio Lite
Computers Supported: Mac/PC
Miscellaneous Notes:
MSRP: $399
Lowest Price*: Not Available

DCRP Reader Reviews

Deron Nakamura (2/12/98):
The Ricoh RDC300 is a compact 640x480. It's 4 megs of memory allows me to shoot from 25 to 100 pics. It's a great camera with an LCD screen, flash, and timer. The features are easy to use and deleting unwanted photos was a snap. It's best shots are close up and using the flash is usually perferable indoors. The photostudio lite software makes transferring images simple and twain complient. It also allows for panaramic stitching and limited special effects. Overall you'd be hard pressed to find a 640x480 camera with LCD for a cheaper price.

Eric San Miguel (2/12/98):
I bought the Ricoh RDC-300 for a Christmas present for myself. Before purchasing this product, I did some research and so far, this camera has almost all the options I needed. The price of $399 is also not bad compared to other digital cameras for the same price. The most important feature this camera has was: LCD screen, flash, 4MB ram, timer, video out, and selective deletions of images. The camera is easy to use and fairly compact. I have taken almost 100 pictures of indoor and outdoor images. The flash works great indoors and image quality so far has been good. I haven't downloaded the images to my pc yet, but I have transferred images to a VHS cassette to create a "slide show" of pictures. The images to the TV is very clear eventhough all the images were shot using "economy" mode. The major complain I have with this camera is the battery life. The camera drained 4 AA alkalines with just 50 pictures! (about 30 pictures shot with flash). The ac adapter is an optional item I wished it came with. Another item that I wished this camera had was a changeable flash ram card.

Overall, you cannot beat this camera when comes to its features and ease of use. Try finding a camera with the same quality and features of the DC-300 for only $399. So far, there aren't any digital cameras than can compare to this one.

Karl Sabo (2/11/98):
Camera works well for small shoots, however the four AA batteries seem to run out after only about 40 shots. I've taken about 100 pixs within the past few days and have replaced twice. The the PhotoStudio lite software by ARCSOFT)is VERY limited with no editing features. Go to Arcsoft website and download the full ver. (one month trial).

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