Olympus C-2000Z Photo Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Webmaster

I took these on Sunday 5/23, on a trip up to the Wine Country Classic Car Races, at Sears Point, near the Wine Country north of SF.

Be sure to blow up a few of them so you can see the details. With the exception of two of the photos, none of them were retouched in Photoshop. They were compressed at "6" in PS, so there is some loss in quality.


480 x 640

I took this one in SQ mode, in a moving convertible.


1223 x 997

A future Jeep vehicle.


1377 x 1081

The Jeepster. Scary.


1508 x 894

Same as above.


1368 x 520

Speaking of scary. I couldn't believe this thing -- a stretched Lincoln Navigator limo!


600 x 800

Here's a look inside...


1135 x 867


1600 x 814

A very, very long concept car.

1600 x 1200

The engine of the car at right.


1439 x 1023

An old Ferrari Testarossa.


1338 x 826

An AC Ace. My dad used to have one of these (and boy does he regret selling it!)

Both of these had their levels adjusted in Photoshop.

1311 x 887

1464 x 835

Mercedes 300SL "Gull Wing"


1419 x 955

Can you believe they actually race this $500k car??


1600 x 961

Ahhh.. Ferrari F-40!!


1119 x 878

Look! A digital camera that can take ACTION SHOTS! On all these next photos, I set the focus to infinity, the shutter to 1/500, and fired away.

For the car buff, that's two Corvettes, followed by a Ferrari and a Porsche.


1175 x 589

A nice shot of the Ferrari and Porsche from the same race.


1374 x 565

The Cobra chases after the Corvette.


1430 x 637


1600 x 724


1155 x 973

Yes, a Hummer-styled golf cart.

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