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FamilyPC: Kodak DC40

PC Magazine: DC 40 Review

Manufacturer: Kodak
Product Model: DC-40
Official Website: http://www.kodak.com/daiHome/genInfo/kodakDC40.shtml
Resolutions: 756x504
Zoom Capability: No
Auto Focus? No
Macro Capability? No
Flash? Yes
Storage Method: 4Mb onboard RAM
Storage Capacity: 48-96
LCD Screen: No
ISO Equivalent: 84
Video Out?: No
Software Included: PhotoEnhancer
Computers Supported: Mac/PC
Miscellaneous Notes:
MSRP: $645
Lowest Price*: Not Available

DCRP Reader Reviews

Steve Schwartz (10/14/98):
I have owned my "DC 40" for about three years. My DC 40 is actually a Logitech Foto-Man, purchased for $1100 from Logitech in the dark ages of Digicam tech. I believe this was one of the first "production" digital camera's and was a joint effort by Logitech and Kodak before K. took over production and renamed it the DC 40, (it is the identical camera).

The major limitations of the camera are lack of zoom, low (84) ISO eqivilent, and 5 second delay before you can shoot another picture. I use by digital camera quite a bit, so started looking into new "state of the art" units . Other than the availibility of 3X zoom and higher pixel resolution, I was suprised at still low ISO's of 100-140 max, delay between pic's and other quirks of the new camera's!

Limitations like slow start up time, poor battery life, quirky autofocus, unpredictable flash exposures etc. make my trusty, "point and shoot" DC 40 seem like a dream considering it's less than $300 price tag!

What I am getting at here is that the 40 is a good buy, with ample resolution for "web-friendly" file sizes, good storage capacity (48 pics in hi-res), direct cable tranfer (no additional cards/adapters needed).

For the casual user/web publisher its a good, durable camera, granted sans some bells and whistles. Although the 4 AA litium batteries last for many, many months of normal use, make sure you get the AC adapter. While the camera is connected for downloading, it does "power up" and will go through the batteries much quicker without the external AC.

For pics see my webpage at www.silcom.com/~vroom, scroll to the "High Resolution Photos" of the vintage Ford Mustangs!

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