Kodak DC280 Photo Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Webmaster [Updated Friday, November 12, 1999]

You read the review of this camera, right?

Okay, so I was a little short on subject matter this week. But here's a few shots from the SOMA area of San Francisco, especially around Yerba Buena Gardens, SFMOMA, and Metreon.




This is the "Wedding" picture frame. Yes, that's my phone at the office. Exciting, isn't it? Remember when I took 4 cameras up to Twin Peaks for some night photos? This was the best I could get out of the Kodak. Not good. Would you want to work in a building that has to be held up with these buttresses?




Marathon Plaza, 2nd St, San Francisco. Some game manuals. And more...




Looking towards 3rd St from the balcony at Metreon. Over-exposed photo of Metreon, church, and Argent Hotel. Metreon and Marriott




Moscone Center, Howard St. Some interesting stuff at Yerba Buena Gardens, SF. Very strange sculpture next to Metreon.




Waterfalls at Yerba Buena Garden. Metreon and Marriott, again. Center for the Arts, MOMA, W Hotel.



One of the many Pacific Bell buildings in town. This thing looks like the Temple of Zuul from Ghostbusters (the Marriott you see on these pages does as well). Note the way-too-blue sky. The traditional Mickey statue macro shot. I may reshoot this one.


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