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DCRP Review of MX-2900

Manufacturer: Fuji Photo Film USA
Product Model: MX-2900
Official Website:
Resolution: 1800x1200
Zoom Capability: 3X optical
Auto Focus? Yes
Macro Capability? Yes
Flash? Yes
Manual Control of:
Storage Method: SmartMedia (8MB card included)
Storage Capacity: 8-35
LCD Screen: Yes/2"
ISO Equivalent:
Video Out?: Yes
Software Included:
Computers Supported: Mac/PC
Miscellaneous Notes: Hot shoe mounting for external flash. Optional 43mm filter and 28mm wide angle attachments. Supports uncompressed TIFF mode. Lithium-ion battery lasts for 100-250 photos! Coming in August.

MSRP: $899
Lowest Price*: Not Available

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