Fujifilm MX-2900 Photo Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Webmaster [Updated 7/27/99]

You read the review of this camera, right?

Since my planned trip to Disneyland (the photo capital of the world for me) was cancelled, I was left scrambling to find something interesting to photograph. So, I did the usual around the house shots (including a panoramic!), and took a walk around the lagoons of Foster City, CA, where I make my home.

Macro Tests

Left: A macro shot of a fossil I found several miles from the ocean once.
Right: The famous "pepper cat". You may want to compare it to the Nikon, Olympus, and Ricoh shots, keeping in mind that lighting conditions were different.

Left: A macro shot of a spray can. Reading the fine print is no problem.
Right: Since the Coolpix 950 did such a great job with the closeups of the camera, I wanted to see if the MX-2900 could do the same. I think the shot was good, but generally the Coolpix has the edge in sharpness.

Car Shots

Above: A distant view of my lovely '99 Audi A4, and a closeup of my awesome wheels and Dunlop SP8000 tires. I couldn't help but notice a lot of noise in these pictures.

Flower Shots

Left: This photo just didn't seem very sharp. Maybe the camera couldn't find something to focus on.
Right: This one's a little better.

Surfs Up

Above: Here's a variety of shots along the tranquil lagoons in Foster City. On the photo on the bottom left, that's the underside of a bridge, not my hand! And the photo on the lower right is of the new park they just finished near our house. Since there's a lot of color here in some of these, take a closer look.

A Special Treat

Above: We've been remodeling our kitchen, so I busted out the camera to take a panoramic shot of how things were coming along. I used a mini-tripod to keep the camera steady, and the out-of-date but still useful PhotoVista to stitch it together (though they didn't have a lens definition for this camera). It came out a bit warped, but not bad overall!

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