Fujifilm MX-1700 Photo Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Webmaster [Updated 10/1/99]

You read the review of this camera, right?

Above: My winning move was adding an "L" to "knee" on the lower left.

A Trip to the Airport

One day I headed up to the SFO airplane watching area (always a popular spot), and took some photos. If you look at the last two pictures, you can try to see the differences between an older 737, and a next-generation model.

United 767-300

Mexicana A320

Air Canada 767

Northwest DC10-40

United 737-300

Continental 737-700

San Diego

I went down to San Diego for a day during my recent trip to So. California. I stopped in Balboa Park to catch an Omnimax movie (Island of the Sharks-- not to be missed), and while waiting, walked over to an amazing rose and cactus garden.

The weather never cooperated on these days -- it was always cloudy. So I got to test out the while balance setting for clouds!

Left: A very strange cactus
Right: A great macro shot of a rose. No tripod used!

Left: While in San Diego, Jeff stays at the Hyatt Regency San Diego. Actually I'd never been there, and I splurged this time. You can see a bit of noise on the building.. the clouds could've had an effect on the quality of this picture though. Nice place, even nicer view (see right -- the Coolpix 950 did a better job on this one -- less noise.)

Above: I took this one just because I liked the name of this store.

Cabrillo National Monument

Next it was off to the beach. Well, the Cabrillo Nat'l Monument at least. Still cloudy but it didn't really ruin the beauty of San Diego.

Above: Wish you were here!

Left: The colors on this sign were already faded, so don't blame the camera here. No, I didn't cross that line. There's lots of weird government stuff going on in this part of the city.
Right: Not the best pictre, but this guy definitely caught the wave.

Above: My two artistic shots for the day. The one of the right is my favorite! The camera is perfectly capable of freezing the action, as you can see.


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