DCRP Review: Epson PhotoPC 3000Z - Fireworks Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Founder/Editor
Last Updated: Sunday, July 16, 2000

You read the review of this camera, right? And seen the other photos too?

Taking pictures of fireworks turned out to be harder than I thought. Having a tripod was only the beginning. You also need timing, the right settings, and a whole lot of luck.

I staked out a spot in Aquatic Park three hours early, making sure I had a clear line of sight, and room for my tripod. When the shot started, I had one hand on the camera's shutter release at all times, clicking whenever something good was happening. Turns out that I was wrong more than I was right; Nevertheless, here are a bunch of photos (including a few from before the show). They were mostly shot at f8, with exposures from 2 to 8 seconds. Enjoy!

2048 x 1536

2544 x 1904

2048 x 1536

2048 x 1536
I believe this is the Balclutha, a ship from around 1875. It's anchored at the Hyde Street Pier, which is part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. Here's a wider view of the same shot, in HyPict mode. Using the 3X optical + 2X digital zoom, you can see Alcatraz pretty well. Sunset over Aquatic Park.

2048 x 1536

2048 x 1536

2048 x 1536

1312 x 1536
Let the show begin!

1438 x 1087

1438 x 1506

2048 x 1536

1843 x 1185

1270 x 1171

1345 x 1075

1336 x 1240

1294 x 1426

1956 x 1492


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