Canon PowerShot S10 Photo Gallery
by Jeff Keller, DCRP Webmaster [Updated 10/19/99]

You've read our review of this camera, right? I'll be posting more photos on this page in the next few weeks.

Be sure to compare these with the Toshiba PDR-M5 photos, as many of them were shot at the same time.

Looking at part of downtown S.F. A macro shot of the main Mouse himself. The Bay Bridge.

The Ferry Building South Park in SOMA, pretty much the center of the universe for startup companies. Pretty overexposed. Part of the playground in South Park. Also kind of washed out.

Yes, this is a real street.. crosses Pine right next to the Pacific Stock Exchange.
From another angle.
I think this is a hotel.
Looking from my fire escape towards Twin Peaks. A shot of my one of my speakers. I wanted to see how it handled this pattern.
It's a shame it was such a hazy day. But this is taken from up at Twin Peaks (see above left) and was stitched together in PhotoStitch, which is provided by Canon. It did a pretty good job but if you look closely you can see where the edges are. Note that this was shot by hand. The view from up here is fantastic, and I want to return on a clear day with a tripod to do a better job.


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