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ePhoto 780

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Manufacturer: Agfa
Product Model: ePhoto 780
Official Website: http://www.agfahome.com/ephoto/780/
Resolutions: 1024x768
Zoom Capability: No
Auto Focus? No
Macro Capability? No
Flash? Yes
Storage Method: SmartMedia (2Mb included)
Storage Capacity: 8-96
LCD Screen: Yes/1.8"
ISO Equivalent: 125
Video Out?: Yes
Software Included: PhotoShop plug-in, PhotoWise, PhotoSoap
Computers Supported: Mac/PC
Miscellaneous Notes:
MSRP: $399
Lowest Price*: Visit Shopper.Com to find out now!

DCRP Reader Reviews

Alex Davidov (2/14/99):
I recently saw the ephoto 780 on sale at compusa for $299, and could not resist such a price for a 1024x768 camera. Overall, the camera is great - it's very easy to use ( a good thing considering agfa decided to put their instruction manual in a pdf document hidden somewhere in their cd), and most importantly, it takes great pictures. I have also had experience with other digital cameras, and can confidently say that nobody does color like AGFA. The colors in all situations / with flash and without on this camera are superb - i rarely need to resort to photoshop anymore. JPEG quality is also a very important feature that many camera shoppers overlook - a camera with too much JPEG compression and not enough quality choices, can very quickly make a hi-res 1024-768 image look horrible. The E photo 780 allows 4 various levels of compression and picture modes - to make sure that those important pictures really come out looking great. The only fault on this camera is how fast it devours 4 AA batteries, leaving little time to play with it's many neat features. With video-out/a 1.8" lcd, and such high resolution at such a low price, you cant go wrong with this camera.

Matt Dial (11/29/98):
Just a few quick points.. I am by no means an expert and I only judge by what I see..


Reason.. I may have just been unlucky, but I bought my first one and there was dead short in the flash unit when I got it!! Batteries would get red hot and make the LCD flash, would not charge and tap them dry!

I sent it back to Buycomp, they sent me another and it lasted about 20 days.. Died on me on vacation in Las Vegas.. But hey, who needs a flash in the city of light? I sent this one back with the same problem..

AGFA has a problem with model.. IMHO.. I am sure that I am not the only that is or has had a problem with this camera.. I would wait or look at another model to avoid the headache.. BUYCOMP suggested I call AGFA and they could fix it!

I have not had a pleasant experience with BUYCOMP through this. I have waited on hold for 2 hours total, hung up on once and was treated poorly when I request free shipping and same cost on my replacement.

Here is what I think about the camera:

1- W/O Flash in normal lighting it does a poor job..
2- Daytime outside pictures are great, no ghosting or fuzzyness.
3- Flash shots are tolerable and adequate for most people.
4- You are only going to get 640x480 out of this camera.. 1024x768 even with the softare or with adequate knowledge of Photoshop 5.0 with only produce mediocre results..
5- Great camera for $312 (What I bought it at).. No more, otherwise buy a compareable camera for less.. Like the Epson.

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