Report from Photokina Expo in Germany

Photos and text graciously donated by Dirk Ellenbeck. Be sure to view the larger image by clicking on the thumbnail!

Casio QV-7000SX [we already know about this from the DCRP news]

Sony DSC-700

- To be released in November
- 1.5Mpixel
- 5x zoom (28-140mm equivalent)
- Exposure variable between 1/2000 sec and 4 sec.
- SLR style body- through the lens viewfinder
- Fully automatic but can be controlled manually
- Uses ATA flash cards
- $1899 in US according to press release.

Canon PowerShot Pro 70 [More info in our Reviews section]

- Doesn't include a flash; only works wtih Canon multiflash flashes.
- Cost between $1500-1700

Fuji DS-250HD (waterproof! Looks like a MX-700 in there..)

The very cool unnamed Fuji camera with a Polaroid-style printer built in! What an idea!

- Final camera ships in mid-1999
- 1.5Mpixels
- SmartMedia support
- No zoom at the moment

The Rollei digital SLR camera.

- 3X zoom
- Get this: supports SmartMedia, CompactFlash, AND PC Cards!
- 1280x1024 resolution
- 30 bit color
- Serial, SCSI, parallel ports
- Hot shoe for external flash
- $1700-2300 (in Germany at least)

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