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Friday, October 30th

  • We've posted Delane's review of the Ricoh RDC-4300 (my review of the RDC-4200 was posted earlier this week.) If you've ever wanted to see Delane's kids, this is your chance.

  • We have some special camera deals to mention today:
    • DCRP sponsor d-store has some nice Halloween bundles for the Kodak DC-200, Nikon CoolPix 900S, and Canon PowerShot A5 -- these include extra CompactFlash cards (30MB!) and NiMH batteries. (Offer ends October 31st.)
    • State Street Direct has some camera specials as well: Toshiba PDR-M1 (1.5 Megapixel, 2x digital zoom) is $384.16 (it's over $430 at BuyComp), plus get the Toshiba Flashpath adapter for just $69.12. The Epson Photo PC 700 is also on special at $498.34.

  • Not only did John Glenn go up in the shuttle Discovery yesterday, but the astronauts also brought along a Kodak DCS-460 professional camera. You'll be able to check out what they take with it here.

Wednesday, October 28th

  • At COMDEX Fall 98, Kodak's Solutions Pavilion will feature more than 40 companies who develop Kodak-integrated solutions. If you're going next month, be sure to check it out.

  • A note found on our message boards says that the Olympus D-600XL will actually be the D-620L. Confirmation of this rumor is needed.

  • The HP PhotoSmart C30 is an update to the HP's PhotoSmart C20 camera-- featuring a 1Mpixel CCD, 2X digital zoom (ugh), CompactFlash support, all for $399. It's available now, for Windows only.

  • The new SanDisk USB ImageMate is an $89 CompactFlash reader that can connect to USB-equipped PC's, or the Apple iMac. SanDisk says that it can transfer a 10MB CF card in under 20 seconds.

Monday, October 26th

  • I've had the pleasure of using a Ricoh RDC-4200 digital camera ($499, 1280x960, zoom) for the last month. I've put it through its paces, and have posted the first DCRP camera review. Here, you'll see the 4200 go up against my Olympus D-600L in a variety of areas. Since this is our first review, your feedback is helpful. [Delane will be reviewing the $599 RDC-4300 this week as well.]

  • FlashPoint, makers of the Digita operating system for cameras (and now printers--see below for more on that) is starting a contest! The person who writes the best Digita script wins a trip to one of three exciting places, with other cool prizes to the runners up. There will be a webcast today at 12:00 CST with executives from FlashPoint, Kodak, and Minolta, with more details on how to play!

  • While adding the Minolta Dimage EX Zoom 1500 to our database, I was surprised about what a nice camera it really was, and that nobody really knew it. For a street price of under $800, it features a 1.5Mpixel CCD (better than the D-600L!), detachable zoom lens, the Digita OS, CompactFlash support, and more. While I don't think any US retailers have it yet, it should be available soon.

  • Kodak recently posted a beta of the USB drivers for the iMac, for their DC220 and DC260 cameras. Please note that you must be running MacOS 8.5 to use these drivers.

  • We again updated Tom Beardmore's FlashPath review, adding more info on the Windows software.

  • Epson will ship the first Digita-based photo printer this winter (in Japan only), known as the PT-100. This 1440x720 printer doesn't even need a computer hooked up to it, as the Digita OS takes care of everything. The printer takes CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and PCMCIA cards to boot. Whoa! (You can hook it up to a PC or Mac if you have to, of course...)

  • CompUSA has the Kodak DC50 camera on sale for $199 after rebate, according to their ad this weekend.

  • Finally, a special offer for our loyal DCRP readers: The cool people at EPC Online will hook you up with three 8MB SmartMedia cards for only $109.95. That's $36.65 a piece, folks. These are 3.3v models, which are used in the majority of SmartMedia-capable cameras.

Wednesday, October 21st

  • As it turns out, the Coolpix 910 (in Japan) is basically a Coolpix 900S as sold here in the states.

  • We also were able to confirm that the Epson PhotoPC 700Z does indeed achieve its high resolution via interpolation.

Monday, October 19th

  • A DCRP reader notice that this Japanese page shows a Nikon Coolpix 910 camera. Anybody have more info (or a translation of the page?)

  • Steve's Digicams notes a new Epson PhotoPC 700Z (on Epson's Japanese site) which features 3X optical + 2x digital zoom, 1600x1200 resolution (not sure if this is real or interpolated), and variable ISO rating. Again, a translation would be helpful!

  • I saw the Sony Mavica MVC-FD81 at the computer store this weekend-- it's out. Didn't see the FD91 though...

  • The 1.5MPixel Fuji MX-700 has fallen to just $500 at BUYCOMP.

  • A couple of new cameras I noticed listed on CNET Shopper.Com (DCRP partner who provides our pricing information): Sanyo VPC-G250 (around $350, 640x480, SmartMedia, 2x digital zoom); Polaroid PDC 640 (around $260, 640x480, SmartMedia); Minolta Dimage 1500EX (About $760, 1.5Mpixel--more info needed!)

  • If you haven't done so yet, be sure to see our FlashPath review!

Friday, October 16th

  • I just received my own FlashPath adapter (under $70 from BuyComp), and though it's Mac interface is very clunky, it's pretty cool. It's the FujiFilm FD-A1S -- with "Supports 16MB SmartMedia Cards" emblazoned on the front of the box.

  • Speaking of SmartMedia, DCRP readers will be able to get 3x8MB SmartMedia cards for less than $110 starting Monday! Stay tuned!

  • Wired News reports that STMicroelectronics and Live Picture, Inc. are developing a "Virtual Reality ASIC" for digicams, that will allow for panoramic picture taking, without any external software.

  • EE Times Online talks about the 2+ Megapixel CCD's that Matsushita (Panasonic), Sony, and Sharp showed off at a tradeshow last week. These CCD's use a "interlaced read-out system" to achieve this resolution. They should begin production sometime in early 1999. (Thanks, Penser.)

  • We've added a bunch of new reviews and sample photos to our Reviews section.

Wednesday, October 14th

  • DCRP reader Mike had a keen eye and discovered that Thomas Distribution has NiMH batteries for $2.50 a piece, as well as a wall-mount charger for $9.90, two very low prices. These are generally recognized as the best batteries for most modern digital cameras.

  • Our old friend Tom Beardmore (PowerWatch readers will remember that name) has prepared a report on the FlashPath SmartMedia floppy adapter. I'm going to get one myself--and this review was quite helpful!

  • Osamu Kuwata kindly translated the info about the Canon PowerShot A5-Zoom for us (we mentioned this camera on Monday):
    • The zoom is 2.5X -- 28mm to 70mm. Nice!!
    • Program Mode gives you more control of the camera including exposure, flash, data format (jpeg or CCD RAW), white balance.
    • Manual selection of pre-set white balance (sunlight, cloudy, candescent & fluorescent), in addition to automatic.
    • New "Slow Shutter Modes" i.e. long exposure mode for day, and slow-sync flash mode for night (tripod recommended).
    • Re-organized menu structure on LCD screen made less hierarchic and some "shortcuts" are added.
    • Comes as a "Value Kit" which includes camera, 8MB CompactFlash card, cables & softwares (Mac/PC).
    • It's dimension is 10mmx37.3mmx68mm; it weighs 260g (5.1mm thicker, 30g heavier than PowerShot A5). Release date is 10/23/98; price is 84,800 yen. [Jeff: that's a bit over US$700]

  • We've had a few sightings of the HP PhotoSmart C20 camera for under $300, at CompUSA and Best Buy.

  • Fuji will be supplying their cameras to Toshiba, Victor Co (RCA?), and Leica (the digilux is already shipping...) under an OEM agreement.

  • Finally, the PowerShot.com page notes that the upcoming Canon PowerShot Pro 70 has been delayed from this fall to "First Quarter 1999." I still get excited imagining having two 64MB CompactFlash cards in that thing...

  • Advertising on the DCRP is a great value! We're seeing over 60,000 home page views per month, and we continue to grow! You can grab a rotating spot at the top of the page for $200 per month ($20 CPM) to start. If you want more coverage, you can get a non-rotating spot on the left side of our page, or even direct links from our Reviews pages to your sell pages! If you are interested in advertising on the DCRP, please let Jeff know.

Monday, October 12th

  • The new Nikon Coolpix 900s adds the following feature to the highly rated Coolpix 900: lens cap (don't get too excited), 8MB CompactFlash card, faster mode changes, more precise exposure control, and Flash-Sync port for external flash. Plus there's even a free copy of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition in every box! The price is $799 -- and it's already been added to our Reviews section!! I'm assuming that the Coolpix 900 is now discontinued...

  • While my Japanese is a bit rusty, Canon has added a zoom feature to its popular PowerShot A5 camera--at least in Japan... it seems like either a 2X or 3X zoom, but again, I can't read the text. If you can, let us know.

  • Lexar Media is now shipping 64MB CompactFlash cards, the largest size currently available. Lexar says they can transfer at 750KB/sec, which is four times faster than normal.

  • The Iomega Clik! Flash Memory reader allows you to transfer your images on CompactFlash or SmartMedia to the new Clik! 40MB disks, when attached to a Clik! drive. By the end of the year, you'll be able to buy both of these products for around $249. Cameras may start using Clik! media at around the same time.

  • DCRP readers can get the Nikon Coolpix 900 from State Street Direct for only $647.34, while supplies last. As a comparison, BuyComp, the usual price leader, sells this same camera for $707! I'll try to post more reviews for this camera, as well as sample photos, by Friday.

Wednesday, October 7th

  • If you want to be stunned at how far consumer digital imaging has come, take a look at these first sample photos from the Sony DSC-D700. We first reported on this camera last month, and it has very impressive features: 1.5 million pixels, 5X zoom, variable shutter speeds (as fast as 1/2000, as you can see in the water droplet photo), all for $1899. While I know it won't make most people trade in their cameras, it sure has excited this Olympus D-600L owner.

  • The new Lexmark Photo Jetprinter 5770 is a full featured inkjet that can serve as both a regular printer for your PC, and a digital photo printer as well (something the Stylus 700 can't do). It prints at 1200x1200 at speeds up to 8ppm. But here's the cool part-- the printer can take both SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards! No PC necessary! Note that you cannot hook this printer up to a Mac.

Monday, October 5th

  • Major updates to the Reviews and Info section! I'm pleased to announce that we've made several enhancements to our Reviews section!
    1. We are now partnering with CNET Shopper.Com to provide pricing information for the cameras in our database. This will allow our readers to find the most up-to-date prices anywhere on the Net, since Shopper.Com updates their prices daily! Just click on the Shopper.Com button where the Lowest Price used to be, and you'll be whisked away to their site! Coming back to the DCRP is easy--just click on our name at the bottom of the page! We don't have prices for quite as many cameras as we once did, and it's a little more difficult to get to the pricing info, but we feel that the real-time nature of this addition is worth it. Your feedback is always welcome.
    2. We now have direct links from the camera detail page straight to the appropriate forum in our message boards! If you already own a camera, these boards are a great place to talk about your camera. If you don't owe one yet, you can find out what current owners think about that camera!
    3. We've added some new cameras, and performed minor updates on others. Look for more reviews and sample photos in the next few days.

  • A Washington Post article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of removable storage media. Don't pet the cat while holding your SmartMedia!

Friday, October 2nd

  • Some clarifications and additional info on the Kodak PictureCD we mentioned on Wednesday:
    • PictureCD is geared more towards Joe Public; PhotoCD is for professional photographers. Why? Well, PictureCD only comes in one resolution: 1536x1024. Pretty nice, sure--but PhotoCD comes in 5 resolutions ranging from 192x128 to 3072x2048.
    • You can only get photos on PictureCD from the original roll. With PhotoCD, the original roll, negatives, or slides can be sources.
    • PictureCD only holds one roll of film; PhotoCD can hold up to 100 images, regardless of the number of rolls.
    • This chart helps clear up some of these issues; Thanks to Jim Dempsey for his help.

  • We have news regarding three price cuts on popular cameras:
    • Toshiba PDR-M1 (1280x1024, 2x digital zoom, SmartMedia) drops from $599 to $499.
    • Epson PhotoPC 550 (640x480, SmartMedia) drops from $249 to $199
    • Epson PhotoPC 700 (1280x960, 2x digital zoom, CompactFlash) drops from $699 to $599.

  • Speaking of bargains, I again saw the Olympus D-320L with free FlashPath adapter in an advertisement (Wolf Camera?) for $399. State Street Discount beats everybody by selling it for $371.93.

  • Delane and I will be "road testing" both the Ricoh RDC-4200 and the RDC-4300 over the next few weeks. They'll be battling it out against my trusty D-600L! Hey camera manufacturers, we will review your camera too!

  • Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement, as well as numerous database updates!

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