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Three Fuji super zooms: FinePix S2950 / S3200 / S4000 | Digital Camera Resource Page News

Three Fuji super zooms: FinePix S2950 / S3200 / S4000

Date posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Next, we have a trio of super zoom cameras, with your choice of 18X, 24X, or 30X models. Talk about covering all your bases! Here are the specs on these new FinePix S-series models:

FinePix S2950 [specs]

  • 14 Megapixel CCD
  • F3.1-5.6, 18X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 28 - 504 mm
  • Sensor-shift image stabilization
  • SLR-style body (minus the manual zoom and focus rings of the HS20 above)
  • 3-inch LCD with 230k pixels + electronic viewfinder with 200k pixels; both have 97% coverage
  • Full manual controls (though only two apertures are available at any one time)
  • SR Auto mode selects a scene mode for you
  • Motion Panorama combines three photos into a single panoramic image
  • Face, smile, and blink detection
  • Photos and videos can be tagged for easy uploading to Facebook and YouTube
  • Records movies at 1280 x 720 (30 fps) with sound; zoom available for use
  • HDMI output
  • SD/SDHC card slot
  • Uses four AA batteries; 500 shots per charge using NiMH rechargeables
  • Ships this month for $229

FinePix S3200 [specs] - changes:

  • F3.1-5.9, 24X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 24 - 576 mm
  • Face recognition
  • Ships in February for $249

FinePix S4000 [specs] - changes:

  • F3.1-5.9, 30X optical zoom, equivalent to 24 - 720 mm
  • 3-inch LCD has 460k pixels; EVF remains the same as the other models
  • Arrives in March for $279




FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000 Offer Super-Zoom Features, Creative Control, Precision Optics and Flexibility for Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike

Valhalla, N.Y., January 5, 2011 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced three new additions to its S-Series lineup: the SLR styled FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000 long zoom cameras. The 14 MegaPixel cameras offer FUJINON 18x, 24x and 30x zoom lenses, respectively, as well as dual image stabilization. These cameras also have large 3" LCDs, with the S2950 and S3200 at 230K and the S4000 at 460K, an Electronic Viewfinder, plus a number of image and social features allowing enthusiasts and professionals alike the ability to capture crisp, clear shots up-close, wide and far away.

"For today’s educated digital camera consumer, the demand for photographic tools allowing them to take sharp pictures and movies quickly on-the-go, in any light condition, and at any distance, is growing," said David Troy, director of marketing, Digital Cameras, Electronic Imaging Division, Fujifilm North America Corporation. "We’re excited to offer these consumers the FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000, giving them Fujifilm’s superior image quality and long zoom capabilities in a compact and affordable way."

FUJINON Zoom Lens and Dual Image Stabilization for Sharp, Clear Shots
The FinePix S2950 packs an 18x zoom with an impressive wide angle 28mm – 504mm* high precision FUJINON optical lens in a simple-to-operate zoom lever, allowing a huge range to capture every detail, whether shooting stills or movies. With the combination of the mechanically stabilized sensor and high ISO, blurring effects of both hand-shake and subject movement are reduced to provide superb pictures.

The FinePix S3200 and S4000 also include Dual-Image Stabilization CCD sensors and high ISO sensitivity settings for blur-free images, but they have even greater zoom capabilities. The S3200 boasts a super-wide 24x zoom with a 24mm – 576mm* optical lens and the S4000 provides an amazing 30x zoom with a super-wide 24mm – 720mm* optical lens, allowing users to capture anything from a stunning landscape to getting up close to a shot when you can’t get close thanks to the super zoom capabilities.

Stunning Panoramic Shots
The FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000 all feature the easy-to-use Motion Panorama shooting mode, which takes three successive shots with a helpful tool which automatically releases the shutter once the images are fully aligned to seamlessly stitch the shots together in-camera. No matter how basic the photographer’s skill, this feature allows users to get creative and see impressive results with no fear of uneven landscapes or shaky horizons.

HD Movie Capture
All three cameras also offer stunning movies in 720p with sound at 30 frames per second with one touch ease. With a mini-HDMI output connector, it is easy to connect and view images on your HDTV (HDMI cable not included).
Perfect Pictures Every Time with Smile and Blink Detection
The FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000 all have Smile Detection that recognizes the moment your subject smiles and releases the shutter only when this happens, ensuring a happy photo every time. Additionally the Blink Detection function warns you if any of your subjects have blinked so that you can re-take the photo if necessary.

Face Recognition (FinePix S3200 and S4000 only) and Image Searching
With Face Recognition on the FinePix S3200 and S4000, users can tag and name eight of their favorite subjects and the camera will automatically recognize that person in every photo taken thereafter. In turn this allows you to search for all your pictures of any of these people, by name, using the Image Search function. Image Search, found on all three cameras makes finding the people and places you’ve photographed easy to categorize and find.

This works in the same way for other categories of photo: the camera’s SR Auto Scene Recognition technology registers whether you’ve taken a picture of a person, or a landscape, or if it’s a night shot or macro shot, so you can filter your search by subject matter or even date and get straight to the photo you are after, quickly and intuitively.

Social Networking and Photo book Features
The FinePix S2950, S3200 and S4000 all offer in-camera tagging capabilities for both Facebook and YouTube, allowing you to select photos and movies for upload on either of the sites, making for easy upload once you connect to a PC and launch MyFinePix Studio. The feature saves you time and enables you to share your special moments with your closest social network.

The three models also allow you to tag in-camera the images you want to feature in a Photo book, which can be viewed separately in-camera and later created and ordered in a Photo book quickly and seamlessly.

Other features include:

  • Tracking Auto Focus (AF): Tracks fast moving subjects so they don’t escape from the frame in a blur. Subjects will be tracked automatically for as long as it is kept in the frame and the shutter is half-pressed; when users fully press the shutter button your subject will be in the centre of the photo in perfect focus.
  • i-Flash Intelligent Flash: Offers a flash control system which efficiently controls the level of flash for a given exposure to produce beautifully balanced flash illumination across the foreground and background. Gone are the ugly washout shots where the subject is blasted with light and the background dark and unexposed.
  • Full Manual Controls: Gives the user the choice of direct access to manually control the settings and shooting features, and the specially designed chassis includes dedicated command buttons for quick and easy key functions.
  • Instant Zoom/Zoom Bracketing: Useful for high level photography. The Instant Zoom function captures moving subjects at high zoom settings. After zooming on a subject, a single button gives an additional 1.4x or 2x digital zoom. Zoom Bracketing automatically captures the same image three times with zoom ratio settings of 1x, 1.4x and 2x with a single shutter release.
  • Continuous Shooting: Allows up to 8 fps for 20 frames in S mode.
  • AA-Battery Power: Using AA batteries is convenient for on-the-go digital camera users as it eliminates the need to charge battery packs, allowing for lots of picture-taking and the ease of battery replacement.

Pricing and Availability
The FinePix S2950 will all be available in January 2011 and will be priced at $229.95; the FinePix S3200 will be available in February 2011 and will be priced at $249.95; and the FinePix S4000 will be available in March 2011 with the price of $279.95.