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Sony introduces Cyber-shot DSC-T10 | Digital Camera Resource Page News

Sony introduces Cyber-shot DSC-T10

Date posted: Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sony today introduced a new addition to their T-series of ultra-compact cameras. This one's a whole lot like the DSC-T30, with the major differences being LCD size and battery life. Here are the important details:

Cyber-shot DSC-T10 [specs]

  • 7.2 effective Megapixel CCD
  • F3.5-4.3, 3X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 38 - 114 mm
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Ultra-thin metal body comes in four colors: silver, black, white, and (gasp) pink
  • 2.5" LCD display (versus 3.0" on the T30)
  • Point-and-shoot operation
  • ISO can be set as high as 1000
  • 56MB onboard memory + MS Duo slot
  • Uses proprietary li-ion battery; 250 shots per charge (versus 420 shots on the T30)
  • Optional underwater and sport cases
  • Ships this month for $400

In addition to the new camera, Sony also came out with a new GPS receiver that can be used with both their cameras and camcorders. The GPS-CS1 weighs just 2 ounces so it can go anywhere with you. As you take photos, the GPS stores the location in its memory. Once you get back to your PC the included software combines the GPS and image data so you can see where you took your photos. The GPS-CS1 will ship next month for $150.




SAN DIEGO, Aug. 1, 2006 — Sony is launching a new color strategy with the introduction of its seven-megapixel Cyber-shot® DSC-T10 digital still camera. Premiering this summer in pink, white, black and silver, the new model upholds the standard for slim and stylish design.

“The number of digital still cameras per household is steadily increasing, up to three or four, which suggests that people are buying cameras to fulfill different needs,” said Phil Lubell, director of marketing for digital still cameras and photo printers at Sony Electronics. “Our new model is so stylish that it can be viewed as a fashion accessory.”

Not Just Another Pretty Face

The new T-series camera features double anti-blur protection to deliver great pictures, even in unfavorable lighting conditions, such as low-lit nightclubs or restaurants.

It incorporates Super Steady Shot® optical image stabilization to reduce the chances of taking a blurry picture because of shaky hands. The camera automatically calculates the compensation needed to provide a clear, crisp image.

The model’s high light sensitivity, up to ISO 1000, minimizes blurriness when you need to shoot at faster shutter speeds because of low-light conditions or fast-moving subjects. By selecting the high sensitivity mode, you can shoot in available light for more natural exposure or in settings where flash is not permitted, such as museums.

The new camera does not scrimp on performance. It features a 3x Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar® optical zoom lens, a large, 2.5-inch Clear Photo Plus LCD screen for higher resolution and optimal viewing at any angle, and a dynamic slide show feature with four selectable modes.

Powered by Sony’s Real Imaging Processor® circuit, the DSC-T10 model features a quick start-up, fast shot-to-shot times and long battery life -- up to 250 shots per charge using rechargeable NiMH batteries.

This camera is equipped with 56MB of internal memory so you can start shooting straight out of the box. Its capacity can be expanded with an optional Memory Stick Duo™ media card or Memory Stick PRO Duo™ card, now available in capacities up to four gigabytes.

Share The Fun

When you want the convenience of printing at home, connect the new Cyber-shot DSC-T10 camera to a Sony DPP-FP55 photo printer. Beyond basic prints, you can also create postcards or calendars using the printer’s supplied software.

When tens or even hundreds of pictures are desired, digital prints can be ordered online at www.imagestation.com, where you can create online photo and video albums or make customized photo gifts, ranging from coffee mugs and photo books to calendars and T-shirts.

The Cyber-shot DSC-T10 camera will be available in August for about $400 at sonystyle.com, at Sony Style® retail stores (www.sonystyle.com/retail), and at authorized dealers nationwide. Optional accessories include the SPK-THC sports pack for about $100, MPK-THC marine pack for about $200, LCS-THC leather carrying case for about $50, and NP-FT1 InfoLithium® battery for about $60. Pre-orders will begin on Aug. 4 at www.sonystyle.com/T10.


SAN DIEGO, Aug. 1, 2006 –Sony Electronics today announced a GPS device that puts your pictures on the map. 

Using time and location recordings from Sony’s GPS-CS1 GPS device and the time stamp from a Sony digital still camera or camcorder, photo buffs can plot their digital images to a map and pinpoint exactly where they’ve been.

The 12-channel GPS unit is 3-½ inches long, weighs two ounces, and is sold with a carabineer to easily attach to a backpack or a belt loop.

“Whether you’re traveling to the Seven Wonders of the World, or just wondering where to buy your next house, our new GPS device can track your journey,” said David Johns, product manager for digital camera accessories at Sony Electronics. “Adding a geographic context to your digital images helps organize and make use of your photos in entirely new ways.”

To arrange your pictures geographically, import the logged data from the GPS device, using the supplied USB cable, and then download the digital images to a computer. The supplied GPS Image Tracker software synchronizes the images on your digital camera with the latitude, longitude and time readings from the GPS-CS1 device.

Once synchronized, your photos can become virtual push pins on an online map by activating the Picture Motion Browser software bundled with the latest Sony cameras and camcorders released after July. You can easily add new photos and coordinates to the mapping web site, courtesy of Google Maps, and showcase years of globe-trotting.

The GPS-CS1 GPS device will be available next month for about $150 at sonystyle.com, at Sony Style® retail stores (www.sonystyle.com/retail), and at authorized dealers nationwide.