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Fuji introduces 9 Megapixel FinePix S9000 | Digital Camera Resource Page News

Fuji introduces 9 Megapixel FinePix S9000

Date posted: Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fans of the FinePix S7000, rejoice: it's replacement is here at last. The FinePix S9000 uses a brand new 9 Megapixel -- that's right, nine million pixels -- SuperCCD HR sensor. There's more to the S9000 than just its crazy resolution, as you'll see:

FinePix S9000 [specs]

  • 9.0 effective Megapixel SuperCCD HR sensor; there is no interpolated resolution available like on previous cameras uses the HR sensor -- 3488 x 2616 is the max
  • F2.8-4.9, 10.7X zoom lens, equivalent to 28 - 300 mm (nice!)
  • Real Photo Technology allows for full resolution shots at sensitivities as high as ISO 1600 with lower noise than other cameras
  • Startup time of just 0.8 seconds
  • 1.8" articulated LCD display flips away from the body and tilts up and down; the LCD, along with the 235k pixel electronic viewfinder, have refresh rates as fast as 60 fps
  • Manual zoom/focus rings
  • AF-assist lamp
  • Hot shoe plus external flash sync port
  • Full manual controls; shutter speed range is 30 - 1/4000 sec
  • Supports RAW image format
  • Natural Light and Anti-blur modes take advantage of the S9000's great high ISO performance; the former mode doesn't use the flash, while the latter does.
  • VGA (30 frames/sec) movie mode with sound; zoom lens can be used during filming
  • Same Natural Light mode as FinePix F10 and Z1
  • Dual memory card slots support both CompactFlash Type II and xD cards; 16MB xD card (!) included with camera
  • Uses four AA batteries
  • USB 2.0 High Speed support
  • PictBridge-enabled
  • Ships in September for $699




Advanced Amateur Model Matches New Sensor with Real Photo Technology for High-Resolution Images with Less Noise

Valhalla, NY, July 28, 2005 Fujifilm has added another "first" to its imaging legacy with today's introduction of the SLR-styled FinePix S9000 digital camera, the world's first nine MegaPixel model for advanced amateur photographers.

Advanced digital photographers have been eagerly awaiting this addition to Fujifilm's popular S-series line. The FinePix S9000 digital camera boasts 9.0 effective MegaPixels that capture up to 3,488 x 2,616 recorded pixels (9.12 million) the highest resolution of any consumer-grade camera on the market.

While these record-breaking numbers are impressive alone, Fujifilm understands there is more to a great digital picture than resolution. It is this understanding, along with its rich history of photographic excellence, which drove Fujifilm to incorporate its groundbreaking Real Photo Technology into the FinePix S9000. The company's latest innovation matches the nine MegaPixel, 5th Generation` Super CCD HR sensor, with a super-sharp Fujinon lens and the RP Processor technology found currently in the critically-acclaimed FinePix F10 digital camera.

A hallmark of Fujifilm's Real Photo Technology is its ability to reduce the amount of graininess or "noise" in digital pictures. This noise is often apparent in high-resolution photos, particularly those shot at high ISO-equivalent sensitivities. With Real Photo Technology, the FinePix S9000 can take pictures at ISO 1600 -- at full resolution. Other benefits of Real Photo Technology include speed of operation (the FinePix S9000 has a high-speed start-up time of only 0.8 second with shutter lag down to 1/100 second) and longer battery life.

"The unmatched resolution of the FinePix S9000 will garner the most attention. However for those in the know, the most impressive feature of this camera will be its low noise processing," explained David Troy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Products, Electronic Imaging Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "High resolution photos suitable for sizable enlargements have often come at the expense of noise, particularly in this style of camera. While we cannot say that noise will be completely eliminated, especially at the highest ISO settings, the apparent amount will be far less than what shooters have come to expect at this level of resolution."

In addition to offering low noise processing, the new FinePix S9000 is equipped with a bevy of features that will appeal to the photo hobbyist. One of those features is a world-class Fujinon 10.7x wide-angle optical zoom lens that is the equivalent of having a 28-300mm zoom on a 35mm camera. This zoom range is ideal for a wide variety of shooting situations and thus makes the purchase of additional lenses unnecessary.

Other features appealing to the photo hobbyist include:

  • Mode dial with multiple settings, including Anti-Blur that automatically adjust the camera's ISO settings to combat camera shake and blur and Natural Light for more natural looking photos, particularly in low light
  • A manual zoom that along with the auto exposure and auto focus functions, are operational during full frame (VGA-quality; 30 fps) movie capture
  • The ability to shoot in the RAW file format
  • A Super Macro Mode for pictures up to 0.4-inches
  • Hot shoe and Syncronizing terminal for external flash
  • Live histogram exposure setting checks prior to shooting
  • In-camera highlight warning function that alerts the user to overexposed areas of just-taken pictures
  • Strong auto-focus assist illuminator for quicker focusing in low light
  • Tilting LCD for high and low-angle shooting; adjustable LCD and electronic viewfinder frame rates of 30 frames-per-second or 60 frames-per-second for smoother viewing
  • Dual media slot accepts xD Picture card and CompactFlash/Microdrive

Framing pictures through the FinePix S9000's LCD as well as its video features should be of particular interest to many advanced amateur digital photographers who want all the controls of a digital SLR camera but are hesitant to lose some of the convenient and useful features commonly found in point-and-shoot cameras.

"An all-in-one camera like the FinePix S9000 is so appealing because it offers the best of both worlds; the photographic controls of a DSLR and the movie mode and LCD framing capabilities of the point-and-shoots," remarked Troy.

The FinePix S9000 will be available in early September at a price of $699.95.