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News from Comdex

Date posted: Monday, November 24, 1997

So what's news today? Well, first, some news from Comdex last week. (If you have more to add, please write to news@dcresource.com).
  • LG Electronics USA (Goldstar) introduced their LDC-F20 camera, which takes up to 62 640x480 images on its 2Mb of built in memory (it's upgradable to 4Mb). In addtion, it has a 1.8" LCD and NTSC video out. Pricing and availability is not known at this time.
  • Agfa introduced their ePhoto 780, with 1024x768 (XGA) images (through interpolation-- the CCD is 350,000 pixels), a 1.8" LCD, 2mb SmartMedia card (8-96 images), and video out. Software includes PhotoWise, TWAIN drivers, Photoshop plugins, and Kai's PhotoSoap SE. It will ship in January for $499.
  • Pretec Corp, a Taiwan-based company, released their DC-600 camera. Some of its features include 640x480 photos, 1.8" LCD, 2Mb CompactFlash card, and a very small form factor. It'll ship in January; Price info wasn't available.
  • Ricoh CPG announced their RDC-300Z camera, which appear to be an upgrade to their RDC-300 model. It features a 350,000 pixel CCD, 3X zoom, 640x480 photos, 2Mb SmartMedia card, auto-everything, and includes PhotoStuidio Lite. It'll be available for $599 in the first quarter of 1998.
  • Sharp Electronics new VE-LC2 camera was shown at Comdex as well. It features a 2.5" LCD, a detachable optical viewfinder (to save battery life), IrDA support, 4Mb of internal memory (30-120 images), a rotating lens, video out, and low light functionality. It will come with EasyPhoto software in Janury for $499.
  • Finally, Phillips Electronics has jumped into the digicam world with their new ESP2 camera and VCP1 printer. The camera ($429) features 4Mb of internal memory(25-100 photos), 640x480 resolution, a 1.8" LCD, flash, and time and date on each photo. One feature that Jeff likes is the fact that you can fully cover both the lens AND the LCD.. I've been too worried about damaging both on my D-600L. The camera is the same as the Ricoh RDC-300. As for the $429 printer, it's a dye-sublimation printer (Mac and PC compatible) that takes 120 seconds to do its work, on 4x6" paper. Both should be available in time for the holiday shopping season.