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{ Monday, December 1, 1997 }

New tips and techniques forum added

We've added a Digital Photography Tips & Tricks discussion to our growing message boards, as requested by our users!


DCRP wins Too Cool award

The DCRP won the Too Cool Site of the Day! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Thank you

Delane and I thank all of you for helping make the DCRP such a big success in our first week of operation! We are going to continue to push hard to get a bigger audience, which leads to better information for you, our readers! We hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Intel announces StrataFlash memory cards

There is yet another type of removable memory that is trying to push its way into the marketplace. This time, it's StrataFlash from Intel. These cards are similar to SmartMedia cards and come in 4, 8, and 16MB capacities. There are currently no cameras that use it, but knowing Intel, it probably won't be long before there are!

Olympus D-850 not real

The so-called Olympus D-850 mentioned last Monday (which was spotted in a CNET article) apparently doesn't exist-- it seems to be an error on CNET's part.

Free CF card with purchase of select Kodak cameras

Staples is giving away SanDisk 15MB CompactFlash cards with a PC adapter on purchases of Kodak DC25 and DC210 cameras, according to readers.

Battery deals

Yes Solar has 1300 mAh NiMH batteries, which seem to be the best choice for digital cameras, for $4.95 each. These kinds of batteries last the longest and are the most cost-effective you can buy. Delane adds that Radio Shack sells a charger than can recharge these fully in just 2 hours for $27.

8MB SmartMedia not available

Apparently, 8MB SmartMedia (mentioned last Wednesday) is NOT available, and won't be until after the new year. 4MB cards are also in short supply.

Digital camera chat tonight

Larry Granger of Norman Camera will be hosting a digital camera chat tonight at 10pm Eastern time. (We plan to have a chat room in the future here at the DCRP.)
{ Tuesday, December 2, 1997 }

ActionTec announces new CompactFlash cards

ActionTec has announced a line of CompactFlash cards, in 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32MB (!) flavors. Pricing information was not available.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 battery problems?

Steve's Digital Imaging Page reports that anyone with a new Agfa ePhoto1280 camera that has experienced unusually short battery life (12-20 shots) should contact Agfa. Agfa admits there is a "problem" with the IQ 9000 battery chargers. Call Agfa Tech Support number (602-366-3260) and they will replace it. [Ed note: funny, that kind of battery life is the norm for my D-600L!]

Epson Stylus 800 trick

Delane passes on an interesting trick picked up from "Donn" on the rec.photo.digital newsgroup:
  • "For those of you using the Epson Stylus Color 800 Printer, you are in for a pleasant surprise if you will try a laserjet paper ( cheap, that is ) and set your advanced printer options for VIVID, 1440 PPI, PHOTO GLOSSY PAPER. It won't match a glossy, but at a 1/2 cent vs $1.00 a sheet you'll find it VERY close. I wish I could tell you that I reasoned to this, but is was a series of errors ( to include accidentally inserting Laserjet paper ) that got me to it."

Digicam buyers guide at Tidbits.com

Tidbits, a weekly Macintosh E-Zine, has an article on digital cameras (part I) that is helpful to prospective buyers.
{ Wednesday, December 3, 1997 }

Tell your friends

Please help spread the word about our site! Tell your friends! We have lots more reviews to add, but right now we're both very busy with our real jobs (college in my case), but we'll get them up real soon!

Digital camera for N64 announced

From the strange file: Fuji Film, Tokyo Electron, and Nintendo have agreed to create a digital camera for the Nintendo 64 called the "Photo P", which can connect to the Nintendo 64 where users can capture digital images and retouch them with an included art program. These images can be stored on the 64DD, or simply viewed on a television screen. (from Next Generation Online)
{ Friday, December 5, 1997 }

Finals time

Things may get a little slow here over the next few days, as college finals have arrived for Jeff. Things will be busy again soon.

Hard to find Olympus cameras

Olympus' D220-L and D320-L cameras are in short supply, according to a reader. Olympus is hoping to get a largershipment in before Christmas.

8MB SmartMedia now available?

A reader reported ordering 8MB SmartMedia from FocusCamera for $89. We're working to confirm this.

Computers.com reviews 15 digicams

CNET's new COMPUTERS.COM site has a review of 15 cameras for under $500.
{ Sunday, December 7, 1997 }

DCRP is Yahoo's Daily Pick

While today is the day that will forever live in infamy, that's not the case for the DCRP! We are on of the Yahoo Daily Picks for today! Yahoo! (Thanks, Andy Huang)

Quicktake 200 price drop

MacInTouch reports that the Apple Quicktake 200 will drop to $249 on December 13th. While this camera doesn't have a flash, it's a great deal at this price.
{ Tuesday, December 9, 1997 }

Kingston introduces new 24MB and 32MB CompactFlash cards

Kingston Technology announced the immediate availability of 24MB and 32MB CompactFlash cards, to complement their line with includes 4, 8, and 16MB cards and a $295 PC Card adapter. The 24MB card will list for $245, the 32MB card for $295.

Interesting PCMag articles

PC Magazine has an article on digital imaging which includes info on cameras, and scanners of all types. They also have a story on photo printers, which many users have asked about.

Norman Camera has Olympus sale

Norman Camera has a sale on Olympus D-200L cameras for $329.95 and the D-300L (my old camera) for $599.95.

Toshiba cuts price on PDR-2 camera

Toshiba has lowered the price of their PDR-2 camera to $399. This includes two 2MB SmartMedia cards, lithium battery, and software. Toshiba will also be shipping new accessories including 8MB SmartMedia cards (yes!), a parallel port PC Card Reader, and a floppy disc adapter for SmartMedia called Flashpath. (Thanks, MacNN)
{ Thursday, December 11, 1997 }

We're still busy

We have nearly 40 reviews to add. Both Delane and I have been extremely busy this week (going to sleep at 5am hasn't been uncommon for me), and I have to go home for Winter break this weekend. We'll try to get fully up and running again by next week!

Popular Science picks "Best of What's New" winners

After paging through Popular Science's "Best of What's New 1997" issue, I found the following cameras: Kodak DC-210, Epson PhotoPC 600, Sony Mavica, the Grand Winner for Audio/Video, the Canon Optura, and the Grand Winner for Photography, the Olympus D-600L.

$75 rebate on Quicktake 200

Not only are Apple Quicktake 200's only $250 now, but until January 16th, there is also a $75 rebate on it! (If you purchase a Macintosh, it's $150 rebate).

Office Depot unloading Kodak DC20s

We've had some $99 Kodak DC20 sightings at Office Depot stores. They are being discontinued, along with the DC25. (Thanks, reader reports and MacInTouch)
{ Sunday, December 14, 1997 }

More reviews coming

Look for 40 new camera reviews posted by Tuesday, as well as pricing updates! In the mean time, check out some pictures I took at Disneyland Friday night with my D-600L.
{ Monday, December 15, 1997 }

New camera reviews added

We've added a large number of camera reviews today, and there are at least 15 more still to go for tomorrow. Also, our price tracking will be fully updated by tomorrow as well. Some new reviews include: Kodak DC-210, Olympus D220/D320-L, Canon Optura, Agfa ePhoto 307/1280, a few Casio reviews, and yet more Mavica reviews. Numerous corrections were made across the site, and a page on the Epson PhotoPC 550 was added.

Toshiba intros 16MB SmartMedia card

Toshiba announced their 16MB SmartMedia cards late last week. Pricing has not been set, and they are expected to ship in Q1 1998. They expect to have 128MB cards ready in the next three years.

Anybody seen 8MB SmartMedia yet?

Finding SmartMedia continues to be difficult. If you actually own some (backorder doesn't count), especially 8MB modules, let us know.

PDN Online post Photoshop article

PDN Online has a good article on tweaking digital camera images in Photoshop to make them look their best.
{ Tuesday, December 16, 1997 }

Catching up

We're still catching up on reviews and price updates. These should be ready later this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

Kodak digicam infomercial

Kodak is set to debut an infomercial about their digital products, including the DC-210 camera, according to a press release.

Epson cuts price of Stylus Photo printer

Epson has cut the price of their Stylus Photo 6-color inkjet printer to $399.
{ Wednesday, December 17, 1997 }

All caught up

I have completed adding all the reviews, and have updated the pricing on our main reviews page (Delane will be updating the other two by Friday).

Polaroid PDC2000 for $1299

One lower price that caught my eye was CameraWorld's $1299 price on the Polaroid PDC2000 camera, which is a 1600x1200 resolution camera.

8MB SmartMedia found!

I think I finally found some 8MB SmartMedia: State Street Directhas it in stock for $59.95.

Kodak photo chat tonight

Our friends at Kodak are having a PhotoChat tonight. Here's all you need to know:
  • What: KODAK Digital Blender PhotoChat -- A chat on digital manipulation of images with lots of pictures
  • What is photochat -- A Java application that allow real time chat and sharing of pictures! It's a digital photography free-for-all which is a lot of fun!
  • Where -- http://www.kodak.com/go/photochat
  • When -- starting 8.45pm EST
  • Who should attend -- Anyone who is interested in Digital Photography, Photos, or Digital Manipulation. You don't even have to have a Kodak Camera to enjoy this (we don't shove product down anyone's throat!)...
{ Friday, December 19, 1997 }

Computer Shopper reviews Yashica KC-600

Computer Shopper reviews the Yashica KC-600 in their January 98 issue. They also have an article on how Intel's Portable PC Camera design guidelines may lead to "more inexpensive digital cameras."

Pricing updated

Delane has updated all the pricing across all three review pages.

Windows Sources reviews two cameras

Windows Sources reviews the Olympus D-600L and the Kodak DC-210, in their January issue.
{ Tuesday, December 23, 1997 }

DCRP needs charter advertisers

The DCRP is looking for charter advertisers interested in supporting us in our first few months. We have growing costs that must be paid to keep these sites up, and advertising is the only way we can raise that money. If you're interested, contact Jeff.

CompUSA sale on Olympus cameras

Looking for that last minute holiday gift? Several readers pointed out that CompUSA Online has Olympus D-200L cameras for $299.95, and D-300L's for $499.95.

Deal on Ricoh RDC-1

In another good deal, Surplus Direct has the Ricoh RDC-1, which can capture pictures at 30fps with sound, is only $479. According to a reader, it "includes the AC charger and power pack, the LCD screen, the Serial port Adapter, complete set of NiCad batteries, the remote control, software, as well as the advertised 8 Meg card - all in a factory fresh new pkg with Ricoh warranty."

VideoBrush Photographer introduced

VideoBrush Corporation introduced VideoBrush Photographer ($60) to make the creation of panoramic photos easy-- even without a tripod.

How digicams work

A common question we receive here is exactly how digital cameras work. Delane scooped up an article by Brian Dipert that has a deep discussion of the technology.
{ Friday, December 26, 1997 }

Holiday break

We'll be taking some time off to spend with our families. The DCRP will return in full force Wednesday, December 31st. Keep your news, reviews, and corrections coming, and don't forget to check out the message boards!