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December December
{ Monday, November 24, 1997 }

ZD launches "ZD Equip" magazine

ZDnet is doing a fairly comprehensive article reviewing digital cameras in a new magazine called "ZD Equip". The printed version is supposed to be out in a few days. The online version in early December. We'll let you know when it shows up!


Olympus D-600L gallery posted

One of the hottest cameras of the season is the Olympus D-600L. It must be, since both Delane and myself bought one. I finally got the chance to take it for a spin to Disneyland (one of my favorite haunts, as you'll learn) so checkout the photos. If you want to see a raw picture, in HQ mode, see the Swan photo. Also, finding SmartMedia is very difficult (well, it is for me) -- if you can find it, let us know-- this is the kind of thing we hope to track for you all!

Welcome to the DCRP!

Welcome to the Digital Camera Resource Page! Today is our opening day, and we hope that your impression of this site today will make you a regular visitor! We think you'll find our content and sense of humor helpful, and hopefully not too harmful! Before we get to the daily news, let me give you a run down on what's on this site, and why you should check it out! Before we go on, let me say this: Delane and I are human, we make mistakes. Be nice-- send your comments, complaints, and corrections to corrections@dcresource.com. Remember we are unofficial-- we're doing this out of the kindness of our hearts, and we're not trying to make you buy anything!
  • News Snapshot (you are here), will feature the latest news on cameras and photo printers. It will be updated every day, as long as there is news to report! What kind of news are we looking for? New product announcements. Price drops. Magazine reviews. General site news. It'll all be here!
  • Reviews & info features a large (100+ cameras!), sortable list of cameras, with stats on each camera, plus end user (and DCRP staff) reviews and sample photos! If things look a little bare now, that's because we need YOUR input! Use our handy form to review your camera today! We also have links to magazine reviews (from ZDnet and CNET) for you to browse, too!
  • Message boards the DCRP version of PowerWatch Views (for those who know what that is.) This is really the heart of the site-- where users can interact in our forums! We have forums which tackle those "Which one to get" or "Where to buy?" questions, as well as manufacturer specific forums too! Note that you MUST register for an account-- no guests are allowed in the forums. You can rest assured that your name and e-mail address will NEVER be given to ANYONE.
  • Everyday uses will be a monthly feature on how digital cameras are used in real life. If you have a story you think we'd like, send it to uses@dcresource.com.
  • The links page features links to websites of both the manufacturers themselves, as well as retailers that sell cameras. As our reviews come in, we'll be adding ratings of the various resellers based on end-user experience!
  • About the DCRP has info on the site and its authors. Great background reading.


News from Comdex

So what's news today? Well, first, some news from Comdex last week. (If you have more to add, please write to news@dcresource.com).
  • LG Electronics USA (Goldstar) introduced their LDC-F20 camera, which takes up to 62 640x480 images on its 2Mb of built in memory (it's upgradable to 4Mb). In addtion, it has a 1.8" LCD and NTSC video out. Pricing and availability is not known at this time.
  • Agfa introduced their ePhoto 780, with 1024x768 (XGA) images (through interpolation-- the CCD is 350,000 pixels), a 1.8" LCD, 2mb SmartMedia card (8-96 images), and video out. Software includes PhotoWise, TWAIN drivers, Photoshop plugins, and Kai's PhotoSoap SE. It will ship in January for $499.
  • Pretec Corp, a Taiwan-based company, released their DC-600 camera. Some of its features include 640x480 photos, 1.8" LCD, 2Mb CompactFlash card, and a very small form factor. It'll ship in January; Price info wasn't available.
  • Ricoh CPG announced their RDC-300Z camera, which appear to be an upgrade to their RDC-300 model. It features a 350,000 pixel CCD, 3X zoom, 640x480 photos, 2Mb SmartMedia card, auto-everything, and includes PhotoStuidio Lite. It'll be available for $599 in the first quarter of 1998.
  • Sharp Electronics new VE-LC2 camera was shown at Comdex as well. It features a 2.5" LCD, a detachable optical viewfinder (to save battery life), IrDA support, 4Mb of internal memory (30-120 images), a rotating lens, video out, and low light functionality. It will come with EasyPhoto software in Janury for $499.
  • Finally, Phillips Electronics has jumped into the digicam world with their new ESP2 camera and VCP1 printer. The camera ($429) features 4Mb of internal memory(25-100 photos), 640x480 resolution, a 1.8" LCD, flash, and time and date on each photo. One feature that Jeff likes is the fact that you can fully cover both the lens AND the LCD.. I've been too worried about damaging both on my D-600L. The camera is the same as the Ricoh RDC-300. As for the $429 printer, it's a dye-sublimation printer (Mac and PC compatible) that takes 120 seconds to do its work, on 4x6" paper. Both should be available in time for the holiday shopping season.
{ Tuesday, November 25, 1997 }

Good first day

Our first day was quite successful! We had over 3,700 visitors to the home page in the first 18 hours, and a few hundred registered users in the message boards. Between my three sites (powerwatch, lostworld, dcrp) we raked in over 17,000 visitors yesterday! I was able to add some reviews of cameras, including many Mavica and Quicktake 200 reviews.

Visit our forums

Don't blow off the idea of the message boards right away. Unlike the USENET, our boards have multiple discussions, no spam, and lots of friendly people to help answer your questions. And, if you have a camera you want to sell (or if you're looking to buy one), try our DCRP Classifieds board. The message boards on PowerWatch turned out to be extremely useful-- you don't want to miss out on it here, either!

Iomega clik! drive

We're going to do our best to look ahead to new innovations related to digital photography, and one which looks promising is Iomega's clik! drive. These little disks are less than 2" square, will cost under $10, and hold 40MB! That's enough for 40 pictures from the D-600L in SHQ mode! A MacWeek story has more, and if any camera manufacturers jump on the clik! bandwagon, you'll hear it here first!

New Olympus D-850L

One camera that seemed to slip through our Comdex report yesterday is the Olympus D-850L, described in a News.com article. All I could get out of it was that it was megapixel, cost $799, and will ship in the near future. If you have more info, let us know.
{ Thursday, November 27, 1997 }

New forums added

Our message boards continue to grow: We've now added a forum for professional cameras, as well as one for removable media (e.g. SmartMedia) so you can see where others are finding their media.

New user reviews added

In addition, reviews are pouring in for all kinds of cameras, including the Agfa ePhoto 1280, Kodak DC20, Olympus D-600L, and more.

Welcome to the site

If this is your first visit, please read the description from Monday about our new site! We've got lots of news for today -- note that we won't be updating the news until Saturday, due to the holiday. Have a safe (and turkey-filled) weekend!

8MB SmartMedia for $60

Delane reports that State Street Direct has SanDisk 8mb SmartMedia for $60 (you may need to call to confirm this price.) See update above.

Good deals on cameras

Two good camera deals:
  • CompUSA has the Kodak DC-40 for only $299.88, offer expires December 6th (was extended.)
  • Norman Camera (highly recommended by many users we've heard from) has the Fuji DS-7 for $299, the lowest price we've seen. This camera is the same as the Apple Quicktake 200, with a different software bundle.
  • Late addition: Fry's Electronics (at least in San Diego) have the Kodak DC20 for only $117, a savings of $73.

Website for Olympus D500/600 owners

Albert Lee maintains a Olympus D500/D600 FAQ, which many users will find helpful.

Windows Magazine reviews four cameras

Windows Magazine has a comparison review of the Epson PhotoPC 600, Kodak DC210, Olympus D-320L, and the Umax MDX-8000. The PhotoPC turned out to be the winner.

Windows Sources digital imaging feature

Windows Sources has a feature on digital imaging, where they mention several of the popular cameras currently selling.