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    Transcend SD cards any good?

    Anyone know if the Transcend 80X SD card is any good? I need a high-speed card to use with my new Canon S2 IS (that has not arrived yet ). I found a good price for this particular SD card at NewEgg.com for $64.99 (check it out here).

    I've never heard of this brand before, but the price is tempting. Should I pay a few bucks more for a more 'well-known' brand? Thanks for the help!

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    I bought a 256MB Transcend x80 SD card for my Panasonic FZ5. It worked fine in my laptop SD card reader and my Motorola phone but the camera wouldn't format/read or write to the card.

    On the backside of the card was stamped:
    6451AB 256M 01 - Made in Taiwan
    114288 2455 0515

    I wrote directly to Transcend customer support and they replied (within a couple of days):
    Please exchange a new one from your dealer with batch 115691 or later.
    My dealer couldn't get a hold on a card with a newer batch number, so I chose to swap it with another brand (Toshiba, X4Store - which is also giving me problems).

    So check the batch number or try it out before buying.

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    Patriot Extreme is working for me

    Also available for essentially the same price as the Transcend card, the Patriot Extreme - which is a little slower, rated at 60x - has worked so far with no problems but minimal usage in my FZ5.

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