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    Formerly South Wales. Now South Carolina.
    Quote Originally Posted by milenka
    I believe you are from USA and therefore - of course- you have no idea about countries outside the USA.
    Slovenia is great country, especially compared with states.

    You believe wrong. I am British and have spent years travelling through, living and working in the former USSR, Western and Eastern Europe.

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    chrisbnp Guest

    Angry RHYS misses the point

    First off, I am a white american male that grew up in the southern US.

    I've only know a few people that are Romainian, so I can only speak to what I know, each and every one of them are warm, honest, and hard working people.

    Painting with such a broad brush is in a word bigotry. While you *may* be right about some people's ethics... My experience differs.

    Curious how this thread has the same few people mentioned in a single scam with multiple victims but all of a sudden it's all of the former USSR that is at fault.

    So, go ahead, give us your views on women, blacks, hispanics, jews or any other group you wish to single out. Tell us what ethnic groups are "ok" to do business with and which are "undesirable". For that matter, maybe you should start with southern american males. We all know they are ignorant bigots. Are they "OK".


    To the rest of you.. My apologies but I can't stand by and not say anything.

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    Formerly South Wales. Now South Carolina.
    But have you lived and worked with the people of the former USSR? I could write a whole essay on how they stab each other in the back continually over petty issues that mean nothing. Most Westerners do not really understand the reality of Commuism and how it has affected the people of the former USSR and how that experience colours the reality of today. Most Westerners do not also understand how the vision of Capitalism enacted by people of the former ussr is not about doing business and keeping good business relations but more about screwing the last kopek out of every potential customer and giving them the minimum in return. It's a very Thatcherite economy in which the internet is seen as a way of milking rich foreigners of money in the certain knowledge that by the time enough foreigners have complained about being ripped off they will be long gone. The police are very poorly paid in all the former USSR and hence bribary is a known way of doing business.

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    crondor Guest

    Exclamation He is at it again.

    Here is my story.

    Just a warning to everyone to be careful.

    He is at it again .. this time on yahoo auctions.

    As you can see I got him down to 200$ - consider it as a first payment ...;-)
    This by the way is for a D70S


    I'll be more than willing to pay the price for the camera.
    Not to insult you, but you don't have much feedback, and as I have burned my fingers in the past, Iím still a bit hesitant to continue with the bidding.

    In any event, can you supply me with the shipping costs to Ireland

    He goes on explaining specs etc. and also address the question about 400$ for a 800$ camera

    The NIKON D70S SLR 6.1 Megapixel Digital Camera Kit ( Lens Included ) (US Model) is brand new in box,full accessories,warranty papers,1 year Nikon Full Warranty.
    I bought the camera 1 week ago from Bucharest Digit Store (the second largest digital cameras store from my country Romania that exported camcorders and digital cameras to US+Canada) that went bankrupt and i`ve got a great deal in buying the Nikon D70S and a couple of other digital cameras.


    Supplied Accessories - 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G-AFS ED-IF DX Nikkor Lens, AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED Nikkor Lens, etc.etc.

    Looking forword to hear from you.

    Best Regards
    ionut[/I] - ionut ? mmmmm....perhaps a common surname in Romania

    I stated that Iím still reluctant to continue with this and ask for PayPal , to which he reply:

    I called Yahoo Customer Support to ask them about the Payment Methods and they told me that i cannot accept their payment option because they dont cover my country (Romania) in their payment teritory.

    In this case we shall proceed this way:

    Regarding shippment and payment here are the details : 1. SHIPPMENT :
    There are 3 options of delivery services that are very fast : - UPS 2
    days air insured - FedEx 2 days air insured - DHL insured Any of those
    services are good, but I personaly prefere UPS 2 days air, if you have
    other preference, there is no problem. 2. PAYMENT : For payment, the
    fastest way to send money worldwide is Money Gram wire transfer. To
    arrange the transfer, you must go in person to an Money Gram Office
    please visit www.moneygram.com to find the nearest agent and hours of
    operation. From Money Gram, you will receive a number (Reference Number),
    you must send me that number as soon as you have arranged the payment so
    I can go to www.moneygram.com to see if the transaction is arranged.
    As soon as I have verifyed the transaction, I will ship you the package
    with all the accesories with the delivery service selected by you. For
    the reason that you will pay some money for the Money Gram wire
    transfer fee, I will cover shipping and insurance. 3. INSURANCE : The
    package will be insured at the delivery service for the amount of 400$.
    If something happends on the road, you will receive the insurance from the
    delivery service. 4. RETURN POLICY : As soon as the package arrives,
    you will test the product and if it does not matches 100% to your
    expectations, you will return it in max. 10 days sience the arrival
    date. In this case I will send you the full amount back and you will send me the product in the original box and you will pay the return shipping and
    insurance. The shipping will be with UPS 2 days air or FedEx 2 days
    air and I will pay shipping and insurance charges.Choose a shipping service you want me to use and give me your full name and address.

    At the Money Gram office you`ll need my full name and address which is:

    Name: Family name : CRETU Second name : ionut
    Address: Street Name: Mai #2 , Apt 22 , Sector 5
    City: Bucharest
    Country: Romania
    Zip Code: 7000
    Phone number: 00 40 726 538 499

    US Full model.
    Looking forword to hear from you.

    Best Regards

    Iím still not falling for this Western Union/Money Gram thing


    Due all this i`m prepared to proceed this way:

    You`ll arrange the payment via Money Gram for 200$,you`ll confirm it
    to me,i`ll arrange the shippment and after you`ll recive and inspect the
    goods you`ll arrange the other 200$ payment.

    Is this Ok with you? If so give me your full name and address and
    choose a shipping service you want me to use.

    My reply:
    I had a look at Money Gram's page and the closest branch they have near to me is 70 miles.

    If you prefer to do this speedier, can I suggest C.O.D. - although not sure how it will work from your side or if it can be done.

    Of course It could not be done.....How ignorant of me !!!

    So there you go. - Make your own conclusions, Hell of a good price ? perhaps just a bit to good !!!!

    As for the Policeman that posted previously.....Keep up the good work, and go to the address, and get my camera for me, in return I'll gladly donate 400$ for the Romanian police ball.

    btw. I'm in Ireland and would even consider upping the 400$ to 400 EURO, now there is a offer for you !!!

    Before I forget....Turned to Yahoo as well for their advice which in a nutshell states that I should not trust people I don't know. Thanks Yahoo, Im glad that I and millions of other people can honsetly say that you have your shop in order.....

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    this happens on ebay all the time people from romania always request money to be sent there and never take paypal known to not "work" at the moment and so on since then i have never bother with romania EVER

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