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    Sarah Joyce- Could you answer a 'which camera to buy' question for me please?

    My main use will be for family and new baby pictures. My wife takes tons of pictures and wants a picture good enough to crop or blow up to an 8x10 and print out and still be clear. Using a 2 Mpixel Kodak now which has been a great camera but it gets a little blurry when cropping and working with it.

    What's important to me
    1. picture quality, picture quality, picture quality
    2. movies with sound (don't have to be best quality-just have it)
    3. ease of use - point and click
    4. cost of use down the road (batteries, memory chips, etc.)

    I have done some research and think the best for us would be the Canon A95, S500 or Sony DSC W1 but I am not sure.

    I chose these cameras in this price range because I think that is all I would need but I am willing to spend more if I need to in order to meet these requirements.

    Any advice would be greatly apprieciated.

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    Sorry, wrong forum.

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    Thread locked

    Please use this thread instead.
    Jeff Keller
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