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Thread: My Booklet

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    Apr 2005

    My Booklet

    My camera bag contains one essential item I wouldn't be without, my reference booklet.
    The printer I have is able to produce booklets, the pages are printed both sides and are numbered. The amount of information that is packed into half a dozen pages of A4 size paper that is folded in half to form the booklet, is impressive.
    These booklets are quick to compile and may include articles of interest that may contain a technique that I may want to try and experiment with.
    Here's a sample of some of the items in the booklet.
    Note that the format is much neater in my booklets.

    I have had to omit the MS Excel tables, Equation format, the articles and the user guide info, for two reasons, the first reason is that the post would have too many characters and the second reason is I am unable to copy and paste them into this post.

    The following items have been omitted:
    External Flash Mode, Tables in MS Excel Format
    Internal Camera Flash Mode, Tables in MS Excel Format
    Filter Information, Tables in MS Excel Format
    Photography Calculations, In MS Equation Format
    Articles about the Zone system
    Articles about Neutral density Filters.
    Articles about the Spot Meter.
    FZ20 User Guide essential info.
    Metz 54 MZ-4 User Guide essential info.
    Sekonic L-558 User Guide essential info.

    Panasonic FZ20 External Flash
    Additional Menu items Manual and Preset appear when an external flash is inserted into the Camera's flash accessory shoe.
    The camera Menu Preset fixes the Aperture at f/2.8 and ISO sensitivity at 100, shutter speed is 1/60th.
    When set to camera Menu Manual, the FZ20ís External Flash shutter speed is 1/60th for all modes except:
    Modes S & M, can be set by user from 1/60th to 1/250th.
    Scene Modes, Night Portrait, the shutter speed is Auto 1 to 1/250th.
    Scene Modes, Scenery, Night Scenery and Fireworks, the External Flash is Forced Off, i.e. no flash is available.
    When using an external flash, the shutter speed can be anything between 1/60th and 1/250th in any mode except Night Portrait Mode. In this mode, the shutter speed range is 1 to 1/250th.
    When in Manual Mode or Shutter Priority Mode, the shutter speed is chosen by the user, but you would normally always use 1/60th 0r 1/80th.
    NORMAL mode is the default setting for the camera's shutter
    speed. In other words, the shutter speed when no special modes such as PORTRAIT, SPORTS, etc, have been selected.
    The Flash Sync Speed of the FZ20 is the Range 1/60th to 1/250th.
    Even the modes that cannot be changed by the user will be set automatically by the camera to a sync speed within this range.
    The mode S and Mode M are the only modes that can be changed, at will, by the user.

    Panasonic Focal Lengths
    1X = 36mm 7X = 252mm
    2X = 72mm 8X = 288mm
    3X = 108mm 9X = 324mm
    4X = 144mm 10X = 360mm
    5X = 180mm 11X = 396mm
    6X = 216mm 12X = 432mm

    Sekonic L-558 Exposure Meter
    For Spot Metering, use the Blue Icon on the Incident/Reflected Spot Selector Dial.
    Used for distant subjects, neon signs, glass, stained glass, etc.
    For Both Reflected and Incident Light Metering, use the Black Icon on the Incident/Reflected Spot Selector Dial.
    Reflected gives global subject metering when pointing the Dome at subject.
    Incident gives subject metering of light falling on subject when pointing the Dome towards the Camera.
    Shutter speed and f/stop Comparison, FZ20 & L-558
    Shutter Speeds: f/stops
    FZ20 L-558 FZ20 L-558

    1/1300 1/1250 f/3.3 f/3.2
    1/3.2 0.3 Secs f/3.7 f/3.6
    1/2.5 0.4 Secs f/4.6 f/4.5
    1/2 0.5 Secs f/5.2 f/5.0
    1/1.6 0.6 Secs f/6.5 f/6.3
    1/1/3 0.8 Secs f/7.3 f/7.1

    Sekonic Compensation Adjustment:
    + = Underexposing, making darker
    - = Overexposing, making lighter

    All of the above information, including the MS Excel tables, the articles and User Guide info, was printed on both sides of just four sheets of paper!

    I have tried to copy and paste the Microsoft Office Excel tables in this post, unfortunately, they haven't reproduced very well and have been omitted along with the Photography calculations for the same reason..

    Anyone know how to copy and paste MS Excel?

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    If you are intending to allow others in this forum use this booklet, you could attach as a txt file.

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    May 2005
    Have you tried.. yousendit.com ?
    or rapidshare.com?
    you could upload there,,, and share the link in this forum.. !

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    My printer carries out formatting internally, changing text size and portrait/landscape views to suit the booklet, this can't be reproduced to send by text or yousendit.com/rapidshare.com.

    The idea came about because of lack of space in my camera bag to carry equipment user guides. Some of my user guides are bulky and in a multi language format. In any event, I only copy the relevant essential operating information into my booklet, i.e., the stuff I find difficult to remember, especially useful if it's something I haven't used for a while.
    Having access to articles of interest that may contain a technique that I may want to try and experiment with, whilst out in the field is a real boon.

    For those without such printer facilities, then photo copy outlets are able to make such booklets at a small cost.

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