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Thanks Lukas. You got me to go back and look at my other shots taken that morning and have a play. Most of my shots without the foreground tree suffered from terrible lens flare but here are a few variations on the same shot. Sorry to post so many crops of the second shot but I couldn't decide which I preferred.
I think I like number 4. Something a bit wider w/o the tree would be ideal.

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Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia

BTW love your last Lukas
Thanks DPR! Nice shots from you as well. The foreground rocks in that first post create a nice subtle lead into the scene.

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A day visit to Sheffield Park in Sussex (England)
Was beautiful there!

Took lots of pics - not had time to go through them all yet!!!
Nice scene Geoff. Looks like you got a nice reflection and some fog sitting on the water.

Here's one from my recent trip up to Washington

Lake Crescent by Lukas W, on Flickr