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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamW View Post
    And your pictures are getting closer to my house. Those are about 5 miles WNW. I'm turning off my porch light now.
    Unless you have an amazing beach right outside your window you don't have to worry about me getting too much closer. Ever been to Kirby Cove? I scouted it out a couple weeks ago. I might give it a try for sunrise when I get a chance.

    Quote Originally Posted by rawpaw18 View Post
    Water looks rough in the first one,
    Adam let him come over to visit he may actually forget
    and leave all those filters behind
    Not too bad. The 2nd shot is the one I got wet on. I think I would cry if I lost all of my filters.

    One from last month...
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    Camera: Anonymous
    I could tell you but I wouldn't want you to get all pissy if it's the wrong brand


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