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There are a ton of areas within 50 miles that are interesting photo shoots. The idea is that since I find myself without a regular job, it's a good opportunity to get to those areas and take the time to actually learn the area and wander.

South Mountain is relatively boring... but there are times of the year that the whole state is very photogenic. I have posted pictures of the wild horses just a few miles from Scottsdale (Salt River Reservation area).

We are finally getting some monsoon storm activity which also changes the whole feeling of the area. Winter snow is unusual, and the
superstitions wear it well... August and February Examples:
Excellent sunset silhouette

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i wish we had a sea here...

anyway, sunset from yesterday, Neusidler lake, Austria

nb: replaced the image, the sunset was moved to sunset thread
I like that first one. Are these HDR?

Another from yesterday...