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that's a great shot, Avi. Is it a true stitched panorama? Or just cropped to the panorama ratio? I'd love to see a full-ratio version (is that a word? I mean, the regular 6x4 ratio) of that scene with the full river and full trees. Seems like a beautiful place
Thank you, Toriaj. It's a panorama made up of 6 images. I have no idea how to put up the actual-sized( bet this isn't a word either) picture. Since I dont have a pro account on flickr, it's automatically resized to this. Ofcourse the original is more than 10 MB - cannot be uploaded here. And it might look miserable if I reduce the quality.
And yeah, the place is beautiful. My mom's cousins live there and we make it a point to visit and even spend a few days there when we find the time. You can find a few more pics of this place here on my flickr.
The place is called Mulki and is near Mangalore in India.