I've been studying specifications etc of all the DSLRs.
It seems to me that bar some being 8 megapixels and some being 6 megapixels, they all seem pretty much the same.

Pricewise, some are cheaper. The E-300 seems the cheapest on Pricerunner at the moment but is within $2 of the *ist Ds. The *ist has a wider range of independent lenses available.

I'm setting myself a budget of around $1000 although this could bend one way or the other.

I'd like to include a flash, two bodies, some lenses and a flash bracket (if the flash isn't already a hammerhead). I'm not sure which way to go with the lenses. The best would be to go for fixed focal lenths of 18mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 200mm as that gives the widest apertures. Having said that, this would push me over budget so it looks like the f3.5 zooms are the better bet. The second body, for economy, could be a film body.

I'm not so keen on multiple battery types so it'd be handy if everything took AA batteries. I expect the flash will take AA batteries.

This is a kit that will be constantly upgraded as and when money becomes available.

I love the idea of the Olympus anti-dust shaking sensor. I am disappointed by the line of lenses available for the e-300 though.

I have not touched an E-300 nor a Pentax. I have played with a Canon XT and with a Nikon D70. The D70 is heavier and bigger but I tend to prefer a lighter camera since my left wrist has an old injury.

The one bonus of the new dSLRs is that they are lighter than their film counterparts.

I was thinking (still thinking of wedding and landscape photography) that I should start out with an XT and a K7 (film camera) with the 18-55, 28-70 and 70-210 zooms plus a flash. I'm not entirely sure what flash to look at. One of the major problems is that in America, flashes are given guide numbers in feet wheras I'm used to guide numbers in meters. In meters, I'd be looking at 30 - 50 as the guide number. I guess that'd be 90 - 150.

I'm musing on the things that are available and trying to work out what's best because once the money's spent, it's spent and whatever I get has to perform well enough as to recoup the cost and more.