Hi All:

I just went to the considerable trouble of registering here (wouldn't allow my usual email sites; so had to find a free place with no hassles; then tried 10 different user names, etc.)to set up an account I'll never use again.

All for the purpose of thanking you guys from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't get the Canon Camera Window to come up and tried everything I could think of. I was preparing for the long painful tech "support" (read "torture") process when I stumbled upon this site. You solved my problem and I'm most grateful.

Now that I found you, I may visit occasionally, but if I never return--please know you help so many people who never have the time (or fortitude to set up a permissible email account) to thank you. There must be many people like me who find solutions here, but never register.

Just know-you do good and are greatly appreciated.