I am trying to find the camera that will give me the clearest pictures possible in the $450 range. I will be using this camera to primarily take pictures of my kids. I have been doing lots of research and cant believe how many different cameras there are to choose from. I dont need alot of bells and whistles, movie mode is not really important, but like I said, I want something that is great for taking really clear pictures, with a quick shutter speed. Preferably 5 megapix? I think I like the canons - I have read alot of good things but would consider others. (Canon's memory seems to be significantly cheaper to purchase)?

Some of the cameras I have been looking at are the:
Canon S60
Canon G5
Canon A80
Olympus 5050C

I like the swivel feature of the A80's screen but its probably not as good as the others.

Recommends would be greatly appreciated.