Do you think a hot shoe is necessary on today's cameras higher end prosumer or ultra zoom type cameras (excluding compact cameras). For example only, the Panasonic FZ20 has one, the FZ15 does not.

I'm in a major indecision mode, and a hot shoe was one of the features that I didn't think I could do without. (The reason I have this opinion is my current camera, the original small Cybershot P1, has a small flash and takes terrible indoor pictures -- because of that, I have wanted the option of a big a__ flash to make sure).

I thought the Olympus 5060WZ was the perfect camera, but then didn't like its bulk and feel (and power switch), so now I'm back to square one. I liked the size and feel and features of the Canon S50, but it doesn't have a hot shoe, and with its size, I'm not sure I'll be happy with indoor pics.