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Norm - Anyone -

I keep seeing Norm's increadible results with Silkypix. Has anyone tried it on a Canon 20D? I realize that Norm's skill has a lot to do with his results, but all the more reason to follow his footsteps.
Thanks for the vote of confidence ; I don't claim any special skills with Silkypix--although I do think it's the best third-party solution for Olympus colors right now. And having said that, I'll reemphasize that RSE/RSP seems to be heavily camera-dependent as far as the results go. Over on the Oly dSLR forum at DPReview, some early reports seem to indicate that RSP still hasn't fixed the green/red problem with Olympus ORF files, so I still haven't decided whether I'll be buying into the discount version (available only until Oct 31st). I may decide to get it just for evaluation purposes or a backup to Silkypix, but I do wish they'd get the color handling right.

In that sense, it would make sense to check around on some Canon forums--or on Pixmantec's own forum board--for news on how early adopters are evaluating RSP's handling of Canon 20D files. It might be doing a much better job with those.