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    Hoya introductory filter kit or HOYA 58CIR 58mm?

    I just purchased the Tiffen introductory filter kit and after reading some reviews have decided to get something a little better.

    I came across the Hoya 58CIR 58mm polarizer on Amazon for ~$40:

    Hoya also makes an introductory filter kit which Amazon has for ~$55:

    Any reason why I shouldn't get the kit? Is the polarizer in the kit the same as the one above? Is this something you guys recommend over the Tiffen kit?


    PS: I have an XSi and am relatively new to this

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    The single filter is probably thinner or better coated then the kit one. Probably anyways.

    Plus, in my opinion a warming filter is useless if you shoot raw, so with the price in mind, it means that both filters in that kit are extremely low end and not really worth a look at all.

    Bad filters are horrible, This is what your camera and lens see, if you cover both of those with the cheapest thing, you cant expect very good results.

    Bad filters cause things like reflections, flare, color distortions, loss of sharpness, in the worst of cases.

    Im not saying spend 100$ on a single filter, especially at 58mm, but don't be super cheap either. 40$ for a CPL 58mm is pretty cheap, i wouldn't go cheaper.
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    Ehh, I wouldn't get the kit. A warming filter is pointless. You have white balance control on your camera already. The UV is basically just a protective filter. The DSLR's have UV filters built in to them. The circular polarizer is about the only one worth getting. Even then you don't want to go cheap on these things for the reasons Csae mentioned above.
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    Looks like a unanimous vote against the kit, will pick up the Hoya polarizer. I should write off the Tiffen polarizer as well?


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