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    Canon A80 For $199

    1- Is this a good deal? I can buy this camera BRAND NEW for $199 here in CALIFORNIA.

    2 - What is the difference between this model and A85 one? I mean they are both 4.0 Mega Pixel cameras.

    3 - Should I spend more and get a 5.0 Mega Pixel model or a different brand altogether?

    $199 is a VERY tempting price though!

    I will be using this as a novice photographer.

    Any insighsts would be greatly appreciated!
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    caveat emptor

    This sounds like an amazing deal but, beware, the old addage "deals that look too good to be true seldom are" might apply.

    If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions buy it.
    If this is the total price (not including shipping) buy it.

    Watch out for import taxes if the product is comming from some off shore tax haven!!! They should mention that you might be exposed to them but depending on how you navigated to the site you can miss these details. It is advisable to look up reviews from previous customers.
    If this is a rebate system, where you shell out a load of cash, send off a coupon to the company and recieve the rebate at a later date, will it overstreach your budget.

    There might be a price difference between the a80 and a85.
    The a80 has an articulated LCD screen (this is a good thing).
    The a85 has a smaller sensor (this is a bad thing)
    The a85 has more movie taking options.

    There are lots posts in these forums that look at both cameras.
    There is a good review of the a80 on this website.
    There is a comparison feature on this website.

    Best of luck with your choice.

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    Actually alot of people are talking about that deal at Office Depot. New camera if you can find any.

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    Thumbs up Great deal

    Took advantage of this deal. Since the last one left was display model, got an extral 10% off. So before tax, it was $179. Great deal for a great camera. Good luck finding it at your local OD. might be out of stock by now.


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    Get it if you can!

    Every OfficeDepot in AZ is out of them. I was going to grab this deal if I could, but it looks like everything around here is gone. The last ones in the U.S. are going quickly, so if you're near a store that has it in stock, go for it!

    I purchased an A80 a bit ago, but it had a bad lcd screen, and I ended up returning it. The time I used it, though, was great. You won't be dissapointed. I just purchased an A95 from DellHome for about $330 (including shipping). I'm hoping it's as nice (or better) than the A80 was!

    Good luck!

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