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As of now I think I have my mind made up.
The Sigma 18-125 will give me the versatility I need right now for more of the everyday shots. I have the 50mm 1.8 and am very pleased with its portrait capabilities. So the 18 - 125 will fill in very nicely where the 50mm combined with the foot zoom can't cut it. This route will get me up and running fairly well for the time being [I have many portrait -family/senior obligations coming up] and will give me enough range to allow for the longer savings period of a solid telephoto lense purchase.
Andrew the Sigma is a good lense and I assume you've read my take on it with the 350D/XT. Just remember not all copies are the same and to play around with the lense before taking portrait photos where the aperture might need to be wide open. I would might even highly recommend using manual focus to assure tack sharp results.