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    Oct 2006
    HI I have the sony a100. I have done lots of action shots!!! Please recomend me a lens that I can do action shots indoor. Prob has low lighting but I will have an external flash. I want a type of lens that i can take action shots and indoor action shots. Thanks,

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    Oct 2006
    Super helpful info. I learned all this info back in highschool (only 4 years ago) but I have forgotten most of it.

    Now I remmeber it all once again, and I can tackle the challenge of "which lense for low light dancing photography".

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    lafgas Guest

    learned a lot!

    Thanks Rex for the explanations and suggestions. I'm a beginner and I found your post most informative. I'm looking to purchase the Canon XTi and I will be using it primarily (at least in the beginning) to photograph my son's hockey games. I found your post while almost giving up on the search for an all-in-one lens. I think that I need at least 200mm to get a full shot and I know that action and light will be a huge factor. You mentioned getting a prime to do this type of photography though. I'm still having trouble here because there are too many opinions on the Internet. Of course, money is a factor here too so it has to be affordable, but yet I want to get better pics than my point and shoot. Am I not going to be able to find a single lens that works for hockey and portraits? If not, what 2 lenses will cover everything from hockey, portraits, zoo, vacations, and low light?

    Thank you,

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    It is amazing that your thread still holds true. One thing your thread doesn't cover is how many lenses does one require to have a true 'set' that covers it all?

    Would it be something like this:
    1) 28mm
    2) 50mm
    3) 28-70mm
    4) 70-210mm
    5) 100-300mm
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    I have a 11-18 mm zoom that I would add to the list.

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    dude.. i came into this thread knowing besically nothing about lens specs and was very confused at all the different numbers and such. after finishing this review i am confident in my ability to select good lenses when the time comes. good work!
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    I have a big favor to ask of somebody. As you notice, all of the images in this guide are broken since my site is now gone.

    Thankfully, I carbon copied this guide over here a while back. So I'd like somebody to grab those images back and host them, so that this guide can continue to operate.

    Once this happens, I can update this thread, which badly needs an update to account for some great new glass that has appeared since my last update.

    Let me know if you are interested.


    - Jon

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    Oct 2004

    I might be able to help. Check your PM.

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    Thanks for your help. I'll be updating the post now.

    - Jon

    Edit: It is all updated and fixed up. Thanks again!
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    Lens comparison website

    A few months ago I read a post on this forum with a link to a great lens comparison website which allowed you to select the lenses you want to compare and have similar pictures taken with the lenses come up in a composite window. I have now lost the link and I cannot find it again. Does anyone know the site I'm talking about?

    By the way, I currently have a canon 350d and only the kit lens but I'm thinking of upgrading the lens. Given my budget I'm considering the sigma 18-50 f2.8 or the sigma 18-200 with OS. My main use for my camera is to take pictures of the kids - mainly indoors and I'm not very happy with the sharpness of the pictures I'm getting from the kit lens. I would like the flexibility of the 18-200mm lens but I would also like to generally improve the sharpness of the images I get. Would the 18-200 give an improved sharpness compared to the kit lens?

    Canon EOS 350d
    kit lens (18-55)

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