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    Winter in Yellowstone

    My wife and I took a little vacation before the Christmas Holidays up in the North side of Yellowstone. We usually always go through the West entrance, so this was a nice change from the usuall. We stayed at the Mammoth Hot Springs hotel. The park was absolutely empty. No one was there, and from the feedback we got from the local rangers, Winter is the best time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds. Anyhow, here are a few of my favourite pictures. The rest can be seen here

    A very rare site in December- a Grizzly late for hibernation. This bear actually stole this elk carcass from a pack of wolves and camped it for 5 days straight to feed on it. The Park Ranger told us to keep our distance...but I only had my Nikkor 70-200 with me and it didnt zoom in enough. So the next day I got up early when nobody was there and SLOWLY shuffeled as close as I dared to...about 100 yards away. I started taking pictures and right after I took my first shot the Grizzly shot its head up in the air in my direction- it heard my camera shutter. Then it jumped up on all 4 legs and started moving my way I jumped up and ran a few feet to get in my SUV while my wife was yelling at me for my stupidity ( I agree, but am glad I at least got a shot, as bad as it is). Lesson learned... bring at LEAST a 400 mm lens next time I come to the park

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    Gorgeous shots, Chris. It's nice to see some winter ones for a change. And I'm glad you were safe from the grizzly!
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    love that first one. looks like an IR shot. strange colours.
    great bear story...you bloody chicken !!! lmao
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    Some really nice shots there on your site.....#28 is my favourite....
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    Fantastic shots there Chris.

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    I could tell you but I wouldn't want you to get all pissy if it's the wrong brand


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    I went last winter, it was awesome! That is what prompted me to upgrade my camera (that and my old one was stolen). I'll post some shots tomorrow maybe. My lesson was also to bring a very long telephoto lens.

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