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    coolpix 5900 movie file format?

    I'm considering to buy a Coolpix 5900 for my 13yr son, keen on the movie side of it.
    What format do movies come out? It is very confusing!
    Is it M-jpeg or not?
    .AVI or QuickTime?
    Or could .AVI be both QT and Windows formats?
    Definitely want them to go right into Win XP's MovieMaker,
    does it? or does it have to be converted somehow?
    Must quickTime be installed?
    If it has to be converted, does it take time?
    and does quality suffer?
    If it is actually m-jpeg then perhaps there is no difference between QT and other formats?
    How does the Coolpix 5900 compare to Canon SD300 in these repects?
    Please help! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi !
    The movie format out of the 5900 is quicktime .MOV
    You've got quicktime with the bundle softwares, but you can read it with any other soft supporting this format.
    I think you cant open it in windows movie maker, but i ain't using this movie mode yet, so i can't give you more infos.
    Hope someone could do it.

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    yeah i got a Nikon 8700 and it takes great movies i think and they are in QT a .MOV file

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