I've looked into the reviews of all the dSLRs and read people's opinions of all their dSLRs, listened to the problems and the benefits of all of them and have come to one inescapable conclusion - there just isn't a "best" dSLR. It seems to me that unlike SLRs where quality depends entirely upon the film and lens - the actual SLR taking very much of a backseat - there's a lot more involved with dSLRs.

The good points seem to be:
Olympus - anti-dust sensor
Minolta - anti-shake sensor
Nikon - Possible to use a manual, mechanical backup camera on the same lenses
Canon - low power-consumption
Fuji - AA batteries
Pentax - AA batteries

Aside from that, there seems little difference. All have photo quality that has been described as too soft. I know it can be sharpened and tweaked by fiddle-faddling with RAW format files but that's hardly what the end user (IE me) would ever wish to do. Thus, I'm looking purely at JPEG output.