I was just about to say - look here :- http://www.dcresource.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7583 ~ then you noted that you'd seen it! ~ anyway really like those shots as they are natural and as you say people always seem to straighten or pose - I like taking people at weddings and often land the job of Unofficial Photographer where I slink around with a long lens and catch people chatting, unaware of me - nowadays I should still be able to do that as both of my cameras have a reasonable telephoto
Back to the people thread - I reckon it should carry on - either here or on the other one - or if it takes off maybe JK can paste the two together like he did with the Birds threads. Pleas post some more if you have them - or even put some of these in the other thread, maybe that's the way, then carry on in that one.
Thanks for those then - very good!