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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex914
    It's because they are too "cheap" to pay Canon for the information they need to create properly compatible lenses. Instead, they "guess" it out and reverse engineer Canon's lenses.
    I don't think they are too cheap to pay for canon information, I just don't think it is available for sale. The information/research is what separates Canon from the Sigma's, Tamron's and Tokina's and what keeps their prices high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash
    That's exactly my question too. I bought an EOS350D (or Rebel if you like) and don't have bags of cash to upgrade my lens with but would like to step up a grade or two for around 300. The extra zoom range of the Tamron 18-200 sounds great, but if I'm going to spend 270 I would also like to see noticeably sharper images in a range of situations from landscapes to portraits (I can't afford multiple lenses right now) than the 18-55 lens Canon bundled with my camera (which, compared to a Nikkor series lens my father recieved in a bundle with his Nikon D50 is noticeably inferior). Who's going to help us out here? Will the Tamron deliver?
    Hmmm. Good cameras... Spotty 3rd party compatibility... So-so kit lenses. Great professional glass...

    I'm sure that they feel your pain. All the way to the bank.
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