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    Sigma & Tamron 18-200 review

    The review was posted on here already. Just getting the word out to those that have not seen it.

    The sigma 18-200 is just as good as the sigma 18-125 and better in many aspects. I especially love the minimal vignetting. The sigma has better build quality and even a metal lens mount. It has zoom lock, I dont know if the tamron 18-200 does.

    I wish the sigma had the same true focal range that the tamron 18-200. It appears that the 200mm end of the sigma is more like 170mm or so. Or it could be that the tamron 200mm is more like 230mm.
    When I get it I will do some testing.
    Here are some pics that I borrowed from a Japanese review. Credit goes to them for their hard work.

    I labeled and assembled them to illustrate the difference.

    Note the sharpness.

    Note the chromatic abboration.

    This one is at 200mm at f/6.3 and 1/1250
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