Just back from a 2-week business trip abroad. Some pictures to follow, once I shake off the jet lag.

Got myself a new body... if only life was that simple !

I finally gave up waiting for my D70 to come back from Nikon UK and went out and bought a D70s body. So, I was back in business the day before I left here for China. This was one of my first few shots with the D70s body. The D70 came back while I was away (of course..) the Blinking Green Light Of Death nicely fixed, sensors cleaned, etc. I have now sold my old body (the D70 for cash, not the real thing for medical research...) and am not too much out of pocket. This was taken at sunset on the 18th March at a farmhouse sitting on a ridge. The silhouetted tree (a spruce of some sort??) is very commonly planted outside farmhouses in this part of the world.