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    Question Panasonic BQ-390? 2300mAh charging time?

    I just bought a Panasonic BQ-390 charger with 4 2300mAh batteries. the sales lady told me that the charging time would take about 2 - 3 hours long. when i went online, they are some site stating that the charging time would take about 7 - 8 hours and some site saying like 1 - 3 hours long..

    does anybody know the real charging time, and how long it would take to charge a 4 2300mAh batteries using panasonic BQ-390.

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    check the output

    Check the output that should be on the label on the back of the charger or read the manual. It should indicate how many mAs output on charging 4 cells. This will give you a ball park estimate. If it outputs 1000mA, then 2300/1000= ~2.3hrs charge time, in theory.

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