Val123, perfect timing and capture. It looks like it can use some contrast though or is it just me.

Turkey Vulture:
It was quite interesting trying to photograph this guy. I was out shooting other things and saw him perched up on the post. I was about 150 feet away and I knew I had to get closer(my 8x camera doesn't zoom very far). As I was creeping along straight at him I took a couple shots just so I can have something. I eventually got about 30-40 feet away. This is fully zoomed in with my 8x. That's 8.9 - 71.2 mm, which is equivalent to 35 - 280 mm. Long story short, it was very intense trying to photograph and I want more.

Model: E8700
Shutter Speed: 1/130 second
F Number: F/4.2
Focal Length: 71 mm
ISO Speed: 50