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    How USA Warranty should looks like? + Exp. with A&Mphotoworld

    First of all I would like to apologize for my English, but I hope you will be able to understand me:) (I come from Poland and I'm rather fresh in US - since may 2004).
    I've just finished my transaction with A&Mphotoworld, so I thought I'll share my experience with you. I placed order online (for Fuji FinePix e550 + picture cradle). Next day I received an e-mail "please call us and confirm your order". I called'em and (many of forum's members wrote the same) one of sales rep (Brett) told me that this camera comes with batteries for 15min. of work. He offered me a charger with 4 2500mAh for 59.99 (special promotion:). I said ok. I denied order a camera case - he said ok. After 9 days I received a package. And surprise - everything seemed to be o.k. Exept one thing - charger came with 4 200mAh batteries (instead 2500mAh), Fuji provides 2 2300mAh batteries with E550 (also battery charger:) and 2 1900mAh batteries with picture cradle. Ok I said, I'm not gonna need 2 chargers and 8 batteries so I decided to return this $60 worth charger:) I called customer service and some guy kindly explained to me I can't return a charger (I can only return entire package:) Few minutes later (after my explanations that their sales rep lied to me - I was using my bad English:) he offered me a camera case and $15 refund. I said ok. Another surprise I received a case and I also received a refund. I've read almost all posts about A&M at dcforum and www.resellerratings.com and I was shocked. I think I just had a LUCK?
    But one thing bothers me - Warranty. How America's Warranty should looks like? I received Fuji one year warranty, but there is nothing filled on this paper (no dealer sales record, no nothing). Is it ok? How I can check if this warranty is valid? Maybe some Fuji owners could help me with this issue?
    Time to finish and once again - sorry for my English:)
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