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    Help with 1st digital camera, $150-$250

    This will be my first digital camera. I'm looking for something fairly easy to use, but that has enough manual controls for me to grow into. In my lurking around on various websites, I've learned that the Canon A75 was almost universally seen as the best value for its time. Does that still hold true for its successor, the A510? Or have other manufacturers caught up? So much of the web-chatter on digital cameras focuses on Canon and Nikon products, so I'm a little out of the loop as to what other manufacturers offer. What would you guys suggest as high-quality alternatives?


    Mid-compact, I suppose. I'm not necessarily looking for something ELPH-sized, but something I could put in a pouch and keep in my coat pocket.

    3-4 megapixels, standard optical zoom, manual controls a big plus.

    General Usage
    Traveling, parties, family gatherings, etc. I don't anticipate making many prints. I would like to experiment with some landscapes/cityscapes.

    I'm also curious if there is any conventional wisdom on the utility of extended warranty plans for digital cameras. Are they worth it?

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    Stick to the A75. It's actually a bit better then the A510, and you'll be closer to the $150 side if you get it. No other camera in the sub $200 range has both great quality photos and manual controls.

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