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Thread: fz20 or a200???

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    fz20 or a200???

    I Will Shortly Buy A Camera And Have Narrowed Down To The Panasonic Fz20 And Konica A200.i Will Be Mainly Taking Portraits/glamour With Natural Light And Flash.there Is Not Much To Choose Re Prices But I Would Welcome Input Re What Would Be My Best Buy For Ease Of Use,sharp Photos Especially Low Light And Reliability........thank You

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    Um... do you have to talk with caps at the begining of every word? I have the fz-15 (which is just like the fz-20 but one mega-pixel less) and I love it. I'd say the fz-20.

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    You definately need to play with both in a shop - but despite owning the A-200 I would lean towards the FZ20 as it has a much larger zoom range, - unless you need the wide angle more. It depends what you want out of it. The A-200 has more tweakability for saturation and contrast etc I have been able to fine tune mine to respond how I want it to. The Panasonic also has a focus assist lamp which has got to help in low light situations - but I have no problems with mine in low light - check out my Night Vegas shots on my photo link. At the end of the day it's your decision. I would think the Panasonic is also more robust - I don't know I've not tried it. I personally prefer the image quality on the A-200 - but you will need to look for yourself - try comparing images on some of the review sites. Good luck.
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