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    photo sharing


    Sites such as Pbase, Fotki, smugmug (mentioned earlier in this thread) and Webshots offer very good photosharing.

    PBase, Fotki, Smugmug all are very limited when you want to use as unpaid service. All above theree r offering very good sharing. but i feel fotki is better than other two.

    When comes to webshots it is very handy.. it comes with a desktop client tool from which u can directly upload fotos. u can upoad upto 240 fotos for free - no matter full size or reduced size. Thus it gives more flexiblity. You can also use links. but u should copy the link from view full size and can present. but comes with a - ve that it recompresses the image thus reducing img quality a bit.

    So everyting has its own + and - . If u r not looking for free service .. fotki may be the best choice for USD $50 with unlimited fotos.

    If u r looking for free service i would recommend webshots.

    If u r not still satisfied there is another way.. but a bit cumbersom process.

    Post to your blog in blogspot using picassa hello .it is very useful and can also use links.

    Barath ..

    FZ20 and LC50



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    On Line Gallery

    I've been pretty satisfied with "myphotogallery.com" (see http://andynorman.myphotoalbum.com. They sell prints but don't charge for the first 1.5 gig of photos.

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    Gallery online free or fee...

    Hi !
    Are really Smugmug or Pbase worth the 30$/23$ yearly fee?
    I 'm looking for a way to put my photos online as a gallery to be viewed and commented by anyone, but i couldn't find exactly what i want.
    It seems that only these 2 got really a lot of peeps hanging around. Unlike the free ones i could find....

    What y'all think ?

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    Pbase is excellent. Been a member for a few years and then tried Imageshack cos it was free - but its a hassle to use. I ended up going back to Pbase recently - and $23 a year for 200mb of space is fine by me.

    Thats only $2 a month ! Bargain

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    I have been so pleased with Pbase.com that I signed up even before I finished my one-month trial. Why?

    1. Super fast when displaying photo pages.
    2. Very user friendly features like comments, "vote for this gallery/image"
    3. So many great photophraphers post their photos there -- I can learn from them! And if so many great photographers use Pbase.com, you know it is a good site.

    Hope this helps.


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    photo sharing...


    I hope this can help:

    Here you can find an interesting overview from CNET of the most important photo sharing sites: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6451_7-6245143-1.html

    I use smugmug now since almost 3 months and really like it. I choose smugmug because of the positve comments of users here on dpreview, and the fact that PC MAGAZINE chose smugmug as “Editor’s Choice”.

    Standard account is $39.95/ year, which gives you:

    - unlimited storage space ! (you can use it as backup ;-))
    - full res download permitted
    - elegant and sophisticated gallery styles
    - very good printing service
    - public or private galleries
    - direct linking
    - no ads or spam, etc, etc...

    Smugmug offers a free 7 day trial (According to the website 9 out of ten stay). If you subscribre and use my code RexaramzeghMy or you use this link you save $5 on your subscription: http://www.smugmug.com/?referrer=RexaramzeghMy

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for the cnet link. I found another list here:

    Shouldn't this thread be in a forum other than Panasonic?

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    British Columbia, Canada


    Another free site without advertising. http://iciclelanding.com/aperture?view=home The biggest negative would be how to upload photos to sites like this one. See link http://wiki.iciclelanding.com/doku.php?id=docs

    Other than that it is a great site for simple storage and display.


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    http://imagevenue.com/ is similar to Imageshack, 1.5 MB files are permitted. No registration is required but you can organize your pics and they give you multiple codes to post ie. thumbnails.

    Thanks for the links. I've visited Fotki albums before, always assumed it cost something.
    Canon S2 IS

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