I am curious HOW people manage to get such good shots with their Macro lenses.
To explain:
With a Macro lens you get pretty close (duh!) so Depth of field is very limited and
to get more DOF you have to stop down the apperture - and either slow the shutter and/or
push up the ISO
Now them there butterflies don't hang around once you start pointing lenses at them - but some
insects and all flowers tend to stay still (wind permitting) So - it seems - a tripod is required
More cumbersome and time consuming operations.
I have found my lovely sharp Macro lens produces way fewer 'good shots' than my 28 - 200
Tamron - OK - so the Tamron, sharp as it is, is not as tack sharp as the Tokina 100 - but
with all the above - I find it is so much trouble for so little return.
I did some side by side tests - in the garden on a nice sheltered stationary plant
28 - 200 won hands down! - OK - so I could get in closer withthe Macro - but, of course, most of the shot
was out of focus and only a small bit in focus - as I said - I would need at least F22 and either slow shutter or high ISO
But the Tamron returned a cleaner sharper image - hand held - if I want to go in as close as the Tokina then a crop
reveals a sharper image - true it will be a lower resolution - but these days there is plenty of spare in that department.
Maybe a macro lens is not for me....?