Hello I recently purchased your A-95 Digital Camera.
I am using Windows XP system. I was able to successfully download images around 5 times onto my computer without any problems using the USB cable Now when I connect the camera according to instructions given in user guide, the event dialog opens with the message - camera connected -but there are no programs to choose inside the box and the OK button is disabled.
If I go to My Computer I can find the Canon Powershot A95 Icon. When I click on it , after sometime I get a message - The Camera or Scanner is in use. Try again Later. I have tried on 3 XP machines and all of them have the same problem. I tried using different CF cards. Again the same problem. I can display the images using the AV cable on the Television. I have used fully charged batteries and they dont seem to be the problem. It seems to me as if the connection between the Camera and Computer gets established, but when the Computer tries to read the pictures - it does not happen. Could you please help me with my problem